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• Wednesday, March 16th, 2005

 “Spirit Led, Or Purpose Driven?”

The world system (or any part thereof) cannot and will not tolerate any absolutes or its situational ethics will not rule the day. That is why the war against Christians in the west is ramping up.  Difficult times are coming to America VERY SOON. 

Those who are only purpose driven will not be able to stand the pressure of the events that will dawn upon America. They will discover that purpose is not enough to overcome. A person is needed for that one he or she can safely lean on.  Blessedly, some of those will crack under the pressure and will turn to the only real place of safety IN JESUS-the PERSON Himself.

Those who are already Spirit led will draw closer to JESUS, trusting Him alone to see them through, or not (as He sees fit) and to use the situations, as He sees fit, to perfect the saints.

There will be gnashing of teeth and expletives galore in those days.

To God Be The Glory-great things He is doing with and among His people the true Church.

God Bless You

The Watchman

Please Pray for our Nation and the Churches in America!!!

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