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• Sunday, March 15th, 2009

As we look at the cutting edge of current technology, we can begin to see how some Biblical prophecies are likely to be fulfilled. Technology will provide many of the tools which Satan and the antichrist will use in their battle against the Church and the spread of Christianity. Satan desires to deceive the elect. Our Lord Jesus cautions us not to be deceived (Matthew 24:4). He instructs us to be wise as serpents (Matthew 10:16) and to be prepared for His return (Mark 13:32-37). Paul writes that we should not be deceived about the time of the coming of our Lord because certain events must first occur (II Thessalonians 2:1-3).

We must not be found sleeping as the antichrist system comes together. The technology that has advanced us in so many areas of comfort and convenience has also moved us so very close to the positive identification that will tie us to the antichrist. The micro-chip implant is real and is being used at this time. But more important than that is how it so perfectly lines up with scripture relating to the “mark” of Revelation 13:16.

Read the full story “Could This Be The Mark Of The Beast?”, for a definition of the “mark” as used in scripture. Also see the article “The Future’s Foolproof ID,” for a description of the micro-chip implant and some of its planned uses. Many technologies other than the micro-chip implant are rapidly developing which are likely to be building blocks of the one world government and the one world system of the antichrist.

Voice Translation: A computer system has been developed which will translate a language, any language, into 163 other languages and dialects, and broadcast those translations by satellite around the world. Read Revelation 13:5, Daniel 7:25.

Surveillance: The technology is in place to enable the close surveillance of every man, woman and child on the face of this earth. The use of these bio-tech devices is consistent with the absolute control required by the antichrist in the book of Revelation.

Surveillance: The technology is in place to enable the close surveillance of every man, woman and child on the face of this earth. The use of these bio-tech devices is consistent with the absolute control required by the antichrist in the book of Revelation.

Satellite Surveillance: We have more satellites and the sophistication of these satellites is increasing rapidly. We now have the ability to look at underground faults and to spy upon the movement of worms under your lawn. With the use of cellular towers and the satellite system, any pet embedded with the now readily available micro-chip implant can be triangulated to within 10 ft. of where it is located. The statement is that they can keep track of 1 billion pets. The question is, “who’s next?” We had 35 of these satellites and in 1993 we added 24 Navstar satellites that are accurate in tracking anywhere on the face of the earth.

Laser Listening Devices: Well proven laser listening devices are checked out like a special tool by our surveillance minded departments: CIA, FBI and even the IRS. These units, by using a window as a diaphragm, can listen to every conversation as much as 20 miles away. Auto Surveillance Do you really know all you need to know about your new car? Watch for super highways with detectors and cars with transmitters which will result in automatic traffic citations by mail.

Look at the recent installation by the City of San Francisco of cameras at selected intersections which now result in citations by mail, including a photograph of the violation. DNA (Def-bio-chem deoxyribonucleic acid) memories for computers and memory implants are now being created with aborted baby tissue. These and protein memories are big items in the artificial intelligence computer market. Well it is a world of micro-chips, smart cards, electronic-highways, super communications, auto surveillance and so many advancements that it is hard to determine what is good and what is preparing for the antichrist.

Extra Low Frequency: Research in Extra Low Frequency (“ELF”) is continuing to be explored by the military, both Russian and U.S. What does set up some warning flags, is a new facility in Alaska that is one of several large construction projects. These projects, as well as the skunk works in Nevada, have been anything but secret except as to the many aspects of their mission.

FACT: The Alaskan project is named HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and is used to create huge ELF virtual antennas to penetrate the earth.

FACT: ELF can be used to create a full global shield of heat or hot spots where they are needed in the manipulation of local weather. Has the weather been unusual lately? There are more then 36 of these antennas in northern Alaska and the project is going full speed ahead behind barbed wire and miles of chain link fence. Do they really know the long range effects of deep earth probes or ionospheric heating or local weather modification? If you would like the documented report on this project just ask for HAARP and we will send it to you.

Prisons Without Walls: We talk about micro-chips and silicon technology and the advancements that are being made i.e.. (memory chips doubling in capacity but not in size each year). What are some of the things that are coming or are already here. In the Futurist magazine July/August issue of Colorado, parole officer Max Winkler stated “If the micro-chip system succeeds the public may support the release of nonviolent, low-risk offenders from costly correctional facilities, leaving only the violent, high-risk criminals behind bars.”

When it comes to sentencing options the micro-chip implant seems to be high on the list. “The third generation of electronic supervision incorporating radio monitors, fuzzy logic, and MEDICAL IMPLANTS will likely be in place some time after 2001”, says Winkler. Custom-programmed microprocessor chips would monitor the offender’s physiological patterns and reactions. If the released criminal evidenced signs of aberrant behavior, the microprocessor chips could send an alert to the nearest receiver which would then be sent to the central monitoring station. He explains that “Such systems could be used to control the offender’s behavior if it were combined with a tiny reservoir of drugs that could be injected into the bloodstream. The unit containing the drugs would also be implanted under the skin, as with Norplant contraceptive. When unsuitable or alarming behavior is indicated, the microprocessor could trigger the monitor to release a measured amount of tranquilizer or a sexually dampening chemical. The computer chip could actually recognize each criminal’s pattern of antisocial behavior. It could even be programmed to not release a drug if a convicted pedophile was engaging in “normal” sexual behavior.” Well, they will tell you about all the good that can be done, but the ultimate goal is complete control.

Smaller Micro-Chips:  The Fall 1993 issue of EYE (which you can obtain by writing to EYE, Box 303, New York, NY 10009) states some interesting things on page 15 about technology: “The Japanese have invented a micro-dot which is perfect for human applications. It is a computer chip about the size of a pinhead which can be injected painlessly and invisibly.” The Sematech Corp. in Austin, Texas, announced a computer chip this year that is only 0.35 microns wide; roughly 1/200th the size of a human hair. Sematech supplied components used in weapons systems in the Gulf war and has agreed to supply American companies with the tools necessary to manufacture these chips.

Interface to Nerve Cells: The University of Michigan reports they are manufacturing electrodes made of machined silicon and laced with micro-circuitry that can interface to implants and to individual nerve cells. These grain of pepper sized devices can stimulate or record signals from a single nerve cell. This will enable a micro-chip implant to sense and control in a whole new manner. It could be used as an internal shock collar or for behavior modification or stimulation or in many other applications, some good, some questionable and some evil. We have repeated over and over again, do not get into electronic acupuncture. Folks, Revelation 13:16 is real and the micro-chip is being used for identification. For over 5 years we have shown you it was on it’s way and now it is here.

Conditioning:   An edition of 20/20 showed the imbedding of the micro-chip. Watch for the media blitz, which will tell you that you don’t need credit cards any more. The only thing you will need is a small micro-chip painlessly inserted just below the skin. With the implanted chip, there will be no chance of your valuable financial information falling into the wrong hands. It will be so easy to do all your financial transactions. The aged and infants first and then everybody.

The book of Revelation is true . . . . Come one, come all, step right up and get your micro-chip implant, good for anything that ails you. Here is a list of some of the things the micro-chip can be used for: Migraine headaches, birth control, behavior modification, upper/downer, sexual stimulant and sexual depressant. What will soon be commonly experienced is a new form of electronic acupuncture. Used as a transponder, the micro-chip emits a signal and gives vital information as well as a location marker. The antichrist will know who are his as he sits in front of the most sophisticated computer surveillance system in the world. Of course, he will also know who are not his.

Y2K: This may seem like old news, but listen to the wisdom here. When Y2K was mentioned it brought out various reactions in Christians and non-Christians alike. It seems there was no end to the self-proclaimed experts on the problem. There were books upon books upon books about what was going to happen along with the coming disasters, claiming the knowledge you and your family needed to survive THE MILLENNIUM BUG or BUGS. This is not meant to make light of what could have been a very serious problem. But, the problem should have driven us to the Lord Jesus Christ and the knowledge He provides in His book. As King Solomon advised, “and further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” (Ecclesiastes 12:12).

Indeed, there were Christians who  looked at Y2K as a great opportunity to witness to the lost. They were preparing  for the opportunity to witness for our Lord when the times got bad. Indeed, this was very noble. But if they were not witnessing before Y2K, did they really believe that they would have time after Y2K? Our primary duty was to prepare our families spiritually, not physically, for whatever would come.

I have shared with many of you that we are headed to a one world government and that it would take a crisis that would cause all to turn to their world leaders for an answer. Well, since Y2K wasn’t the disaster that was predicted, what did happen during this time? Y2K was not an accident or oversight. It was allowed to happen and brought about the need to bring all people into a new large database system (in the name of Homeland Security), that will promise to guarantee greater safety for all. I am glad that God did not number me; rather He gave me a name and it is written down in Glory.

Please hear the cry of this tired old ex- engineer: Y2K was planned and accomplished the desired effect. And indeed, the Christians who should have stood on faith rushed to lead the panic, turning to the world for advice. Folks, we should have turned to the only one who is the answer, just STAND ON THE ROCK JESUS CHRIST should have been our cry. So, when the next predicted disaster looms before us, please take this advice.

Here it is: the very best hedge against Y2K or any of the other “Why Two Kays” is to sell all that you have and buy one share of Jesus. If you insist upon buying a survival manual, here it is: the best survival manual available, at no cost, 66 books all in one, covering all you need to know to survive any disaster. The 66 volume set is called “THE HOLY BIBLE.” Read it and believe it and you will make it through.

The Futures Foolproof ID SYSTEMS BEING IMPLEMENTED TODAY, Denver, and Colo.: former President Clinton promised a revolution in the health care industry. Medicare’s computer system is outdated and inefficient and is buried under a mountain of ever-changing regulations, medical procedure codes, and fee schedules. Clinton wanted everyone to have a health-care “Smart Card” and we now see President Bush carrying on the same agenda only now through the guise of Homeland Security as a National Identification Card  The national ID card would solve the bookkeeping problems in the health care industry. The national ID (smart card) holds so much data, it would not only simplify the health care system, but could replace your wallet full of credit cards, as well as cash. Your Social Security number could be your universal account number to buy and sell in tomorrow’s cashless society. But what if your ID card (smart card) is lost, stolen, or mutilated beyond use? Unauthorized use will be impossible. The card owners fingerprint or retina scan will be programmed into the silicon “brain”. It will be read by an electronic scanning device, and must match the electronic “read” of the bearer’s fingerprints, retina scan and/or possibly your DNA. Only the rightful owner could use a “smart card.” The problem with these cards is that they can still be lost, stolen, mutilated or counterfeited. To deal with this inconvenience a sub-dermal device under the skin would solve all the above problems.

The technology is here today, and could be put into universal usage in the very near future. It is the Implantable Biochip. The biochip is about the size of a large grain of rice, and it is currently being implanted in animals with a needle, just under the skin. According to, the President of Destron/IDI , the Boulder Colorado firm that manufactures the Implantable Biochip, the biochip has replaced tags on dogs and cats, and brands and cowbells on cattle. This technology provides foolproof identification since it utilizes radio transponders. It provides a means of quickly locating lost pets and stray or stolen livestock.  These implanted computer chips also are being used to track the health history of cattle and swine, to identify racehorses in Europe and monitor the migration pattern of salmon in the northwest. Folks, we’ve moved from identifying our cats and dogs which is now an identification of you also, (yes, you are in the database along with your pet), to the Verichip which is a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions / Digital Angel / Destron Fearing and now Verichip. The trail is leading to you.

 A VeriChip website describes the implantable chip this way: The VeriChip miniaturized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Device is the core of all VeriChip applications. About the size of a grain of rice, each VeriChip contains a unique verification number, which can be used to access a subscriber-supplied database providing personal related information. And unlike conventional forms of identification, VeriChip cannot be lost, stolen, misplaced or counterfeited.

 Once implanted just under the skin, via a quick, painless outpatient procedure (much like getting a shot), the VeriChip can be scanned when necessary with a proprietary VeriChip scanner. A small amount of Radio Frequency Energy passes from the scanner energizing the dormant VeriChip, which then emits a radio frequency signal transmitting the individuals unique verification (VeriChipID) number. The VeriChip Subscriber Number then provides instant access to the Global VeriChip Subscriber (GVS) Registry – through secure, password protected web access to subscriber-supplied information 

 The Implantable Biochip could contain your Social Security number and all your health records, financial records, police record, and your religion . . . everything about you! The Implantable Biochip is a radio transponder (which never needs batteries or replacement); a person may be tracked when this system is integrated with the network of twelve primary communications satellites that now orbit the earth. This link-up could provide virtually instantaneous worldwide computer reception of microchip transponder signals from anywhere on the planet. There is a locator program now operating in the satellite network. It incorporates an inexpensive transponder that can be carried by back country skiers, hikers, and others who venture into remote areas.

 The microchip technology has now gotten smaller and smaller and currently the mu-chip out of Japan is being promoted as the world’s smallest RFID integrated circuit it provides the ability to track, trace and monitor items cost effectively, enhances security, protects brand image and can offer high visibility throughout supply or value chain or lifecycle of the tagged item.

 This is another one of those problem solvers. If you can’t get close enough to people to identify them just (click on) insert a microchip with a sniper rifle (to see report) and when they go through a check point guess what? You get your man. This chip can be inserted with no more pain than a Texas size mosquito bite. This is just one more of the myriad of problem solving devices that have come out of the technology, good or bad, that will be used for identification.

   Tim Willard, executive officer of the World Future Society, a Washington DC organization that claims 27,000 members worldwide, told the Marin Independent Journal that the technology behind today’s microchip is “fairly uncomplicated” and with a little refinement, could be used in a variety of human applications. “Conceivably,” he said, “a number could be assigned at birth and go with a person throughout life.” He said a microchip could most likely be implanted on the back of the right or left hand for convenience, “so that it would be easy to scan.” He went on to explain, “It could be used as a universal identification card that would replace credit cards, passports, that sort of thing . . . It could be programmed to replace a medical alert bracelet. For example, at the scene of an accident, a medic could scan the person to find out his or her recent medical history, allergies or a relative to get in touch with. This would be especially valuable if the person was unconscious. The microchip could also replace the need for house and car keys.”

 According to Willard, a human microchip ID system “would work best with a highly centralized computer system where one identification number would gain access to medical and academic records, home security – all kinds of things.” Willard says that research is under way to develop a living biochip.” This biochip – made from living protein -“could be surgically implanted in the brain, making it possible to program or upload an unlimited amount of information into the mind- without having ever cracked open a book.” Christians are familiar with this scripture— Revelation 13:16. 

16. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18  Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.   It speaks of a time when many will swear their allegiance to and worship the Antichrist in exchange for the “mark of the beast”. It is only with this mark that people will be able to buy or sell.

 One cannot speculate that the smart card or Homeland Security’s National ID Card or Implantable Biochip will be the mark of the beast, but they certainly are precursors. I am often asked, “What shall we do?” L
uke 21:28  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”

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• Sunday, March 15th, 2009

We find that even the word “Prophecy” brings about such a wide variety of reactions that most Christians place it somewhere between educated guess work and some sort of mystic experience. And so we tend to view prophecy with a very skeptic attitude. However, God’s prophets and their prophecies are 100% accurate. You won’t find their messages at the supermarket check out stands, but you will find them throughout the pages of the bible. They are not written for us to ignore.

Indeed, Jesus was the fulfillment of many prophecies. But, even moreover, please remember that the word says in Revelation 19:10 that “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Does the Bible say we are in the end times? Look at the following and compare it to Biblical prophecy. You may choose to believe that some of these events are coincidence, but that will surely take a lot of faith.

1. In Revelation 16:12 the Bible says: “And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.” On January 13, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried a headline “Turkey will cut off flow of Euphrates for 1 month.” Their purpose was to allow the filling of a reservoir. But what is important is that the river can now be dried up at anytime that Turkey or whoever controls the dam so desires.

2. In Revelation 9:15-16 the Bible says: “And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men. And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand; and I heard the number of them.” An army of 200 million men was not possible in times past. But Mao Tse Tung, the chairman of China, has boasted that he can field a 200 million man army.

3. Revelation Chapter 13 speaks to a world wide numbering system. The system of the antichrist is now here with massive computers and microchip implants. We have all been assigned numbers and most people of the world are in at least 20 – 30 databases.

4. The Bible tells us that in the last days there shall arise a new world order: Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. (Daniel 7:23) And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. (Revelation 13:7) We have a new world order. And now it is not just rumored, but it is spoken about boldly. The Chicago Tribune reported on September 12, 1990 that then President Bush said “Iraq is the first test for the new world order.” President Clinton and Al Gore have both stated that the solution to our problems is a one world government.

Let’s look at some more prophecy evidence:

1. The division of the twelve tribes of Israel into two nations. The northern ten (Israel) and the southern two (Judah) in 931 B.C. (Deuteronomy 28 & Isaiah 18:2), with both of these being carried off into captivity (Jeremiah 9:13-16; 15:4; 18:16-17). Israel first in 721 B.C. to be lost among the nations; and Judah into an initial 70 year Babylonian captivity in 587 B.C. (Ezekiel 12:15-20; 22:15) This was followed by their return to their homeland in 536 B.C., being conquered by Rome in 63 B.C. (Hosea 8:8; 9:17), and, finally, ceasing to exist as a national entity as a result of their final destruction and dispersal into all nations by the Romans in 70 AD. (Amos 9:8-9)

2. The rise and fall of the following Empires (Daniel 2:21-45, 7:1-28): BABYLON (612-539 B.C.) MEDO-PERSIA (539-331 B.C.) GREECE (331-163 B.C.) ROME (63 B.C.- AD 476)

3. The birth, life, death and resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ, history’s best documented life. Jesus Christ fulfilled over 60 specific prophecies, thus indisputably demonstrating His divine nature. Genesis 3:15; Isaiah 7:14; Isaiah 53:3; Psalms 69:4; Psalms 16:10; Psalms 109:4; Galatians 4:4; Matthew 1:18; John 1:11; John 15:23-35; Matthew 28:9; Luke 23:34.

4. The descent of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church. Joel 2:28; Zechariah 12:10; Isaiah 32:15; 59:12; Ezekiel 39:29.

5. The rebirth of the nation of Israel. Isaiah 11:11; Jeremiah 30:3; Ezekiel 11:17; 20:34; 36:8; 37:1-10, 16-22; Zechariah 10:10.

6. The regaining of control by Israel of the city of Jerusalem (in 1967) Luke 21:24.

7. The rise to world power of a nation to the uttermost north of Israel, believed to be Russia (since 1945), followed by the development of a confederacy which threatens to move militarily against Israel (since the end of WWII) Ezekiel 38.

8. The formation of a ten nation confederacy which arises out of the ancient Roman Empire (1957-1980 and onward) (Daniel 2:41-45; 7:19-28.)

9. The move toward a global church, which is a conglomerate of many religions. (This movement has gained momentum in the decades of the ’60s and ’70s, coupled with the revival of the occult on a global scale, in the decade of the 1970s). Revelation 17.

10. The setting of the world stage for the acceptance of a global ruler who will have the capacity to exercise complete totalitarian control over all the earth. (Deteriorating world conditions, the development of the computer, the UPC, Electronic Fund Transfer and the laser are bringing these conditions to pass in our time.) Daniel 2:29-44; 7:7-28; 11:21-45; Matthew 21:45; II Thessalonians 2:4-10; Revelation 13:1-18; 16:17; 19:11-20.

Yes indeed! We’ve come a long way through the peaks of prophecy foreseen and described centuries ago by those Godly men of old. Please read the scriptures referenced above to be better aware of the things that have happened, and those which have not yet transpired. The fulfillment of the prophecies listed above is a matter of history which can be checked and verified by any student, and the pace of prophetic fulfillment is obviously picking up. We hope that after reading these materials, you will be better informed of the things that are going to take place as we head toward the end of the world, and the beginning of life in eternity. The only escape from the judgment facing mankind is salvation through Jesus Christ. Invite Jesus into your life today. He will deliver you from all of the evil the enemy has planned, and will grant you a place in His eternal kingdom. “Then Peter said unto them, Repent , and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” (Acts 2:38-39) Jesus said: “Repent : for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 4:17)

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• Sunday, March 15th, 2009

What a time to be alive as we watch the system that will be the substitute government of the Antichrist grow before our very eyes. We do not have a problem with the fact that Jesus Christ will have a true one world government. Why then do we have a problem with the fact that the Antichrist is soberly working with determination to establish his system, which he calls “GLOBAL GOVERNMENT” or “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” or “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT”? The name is intended to mask his real intent. The Word of GOD shows us that the Antichrist system will be established. Revelation 13:16 says that the people of the world will follow the Antichrist and receive a mark. Revelation 13:17 says that without this mark, you will not be able to buy or sell.

Now my question to you is, WHO DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO DO THE ACCOUNTING? We see that Revelation 17:12,13 tells us of ten kings over ten kingdoms who all have one mind and give their power unto the beast. Could it be? Remember, the Antichrist wants to replace Christ, not to co-exist with Him. Just how evident are the steps of the Antichrist and how far has he gone towards the establishment of his one world government? Global concerns are receiving greater attention, such as the need for world-wide control of the environment.

Global banking is presently in place and international treaties are establishing unified world economic regions. Religious barriers are rapidly eroding. The pieces are in place and the time is at hand. There seems to be an acceleration of important events in world politics. What is happening is happening fast. President Clinton made a statement that he had done more in the first year of office than had been done in the previous forty years. We have now taken down most barriers in the abortion areas and homosexuals are well on the way to being classed as a minority, which could require each employer to hire a sufficient quota of homosexuals. We now have condoms in the schools. Yet, we have the highest teen age pregnancy rate in history. Not only are all these events progressing rapidly, but we have seen little opposition to any program, i.e.

The Brady Bill, the NAFTA agreement and also on the international side, there seems to be great movement with a lot of ease. Could it be that this was all planned from that Bilderberger meeting in Germany when Clinton received their endorsement? If that’s the case, then what’s next?

One World Government: Is one world government next, and if so, what are the signs of one world government? In order to answer this question, we must first ask some basic questions.

1. What is “One World Government”? (definition)

2. When will it happen? (or is it happening?)

3. Who will be in charge? (or are they already in charge?)

4. Will it affect America? (aren’t we protected by God?)

5. Will I be affected? (my personal bank account? my home?)

6. What does the world tell me to do? (fill your barns and guard them)

7. What does Christian leadership say to do? (fill your barns and guard them, and buy gold)

8. What does the Bible say to do? (bake bread it could buy a bag of gold)

9. Is this one of the signs of the last days? (isn’t this a matter of opinion?)

It is important to establish that there are two views of history and events. The first is that there is no conspiracy and all that has happened was either accidental or by chance. These chance events would include World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the 168 wars that are going on all over the world today. There is, however, a SECOND view there has been, and is flourishing today a very sophisticated and well planned conspiracy that is molding and shaping us into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT which will have absolute control of all aspects of life: political, social and religious. This “three legged milk-stool” of the One World Government is one of the signs of the last days before the return of Jesus Christ.

1. What is One World Government? To understand what it is we must first look at what it is not! First of all it is not of God. There is a one world government coming and there will be a world ruler and his name will be Jesus. He will return with the Saints and stand on the mount of Olives as prophesied in Zechariah 14:4. We know that Jesus will establish HIS ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and since the antichrist is “in place of” or “against” Christ, then his plan, which will fail, is to establish a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under his, the antichrist, rule. As the return of Christ approaches, the time of the antichrist is running out. And the antichrist has read the last chapter of the Bible and has full knowledge that he will lose. The modern plan for a global government began with Freemasonry in 1390 and the Scottish Rites in 1395. The first master global plan was prepared by the Rothchilds in 1773. The implementation didn’t take shape until a man by the name of Adam Weishaupt, who had studied to be a Jesuit priest and was a Freemason, formed an organization called “The Illuminati,” on May 1, 1776.

The alliance between Freemasonry and the Illuminati didn’t arise until July 16, 1782. These organizations are powerful. The common leadership behind these organizations was aware that world control would require economic control. In 1913, they were responsible for the Federal Reserve Special Act of 1913. The Federal Reserve was incorporated in December 1914 as a private corporation. The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express (nor does it have any reserves.) However, the so-called “Federal” Reserve is an important tool intended to permit a few to ultimately control the world’s monetary system. Read what these men had to say about the Federal Reserve: Lewis T. McFadden (Chairman of the House Banking Commission, U.S. Congressman): “We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. They are not government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of the U.S. for the benefit of themselves and their foreign and domestic swindlers, rich and predatory moneylenders.”

McFadden died mysteriously in 1936 after three attempts on his life. George W. Malove (U.S. Senator from Nevada): When speaking before Congress in 1957, he alluded as follows to the families that secretly own the Federal Reserve Bank and control the finances of the U.S.: “I believe that if the people of this nation fully understood what Congress has done to them over the past 49 years, they would move on Washington, they would not wait for an election . . . it adds up to a preconceived plan to destroy the economic and social independence of the U.S.” Baron M. A. Rothschild: “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes it’s laws.” “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is master of ALL its legislation and commerce.”

The Illuminati was also responsible for the formation of the Council on Foreign Relations (“CFR”). This organization was formed in July, 1921. The primary purposes of the CFR and the more recently established Tri-Lateral Commission are to establish a one world government. Read what these men had to say: Zblgniew Brzeninski (National Security Advisor to Carter and four other presidents, Executive Director of the Tri-Lateral Commission): “The Technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.” Peter Hoagland (Nebraska State Senator): On a radio program in 1983, he stated: “Fundamental, Bible- believing people do not have the right to indoctrinate their children in their religious beliefs because we, the state, are preparing them for the year 2000, when America will be part of a one world order global society and their children will not fit in.”

Carrol Quigley (deceased Bill Clinton mentor, Professor of History at Georgetown University, member of the CFR): In his book “Hope & Tragedy”, he stated: “The C.F.R. is the American Branch of a society which originated in England and believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established.” In other words, the CFR’s activities are treasonous to the U.S. Constitution. They mean to put an end to the United States and make the U.S. part of their global government scheme. One only has to read their own publication, “Foreign Affairs Magazine”, to get a first hand lesson in their treachery. Rowan Gaither (President of the Ford Foundation in 1954): “We operate here under directives which emulate from the White House . . . The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant making power to alter life in the U.S. so that we can comfortably be merged with the Soviet Union.” James Paul Warburg (foreign agent of the Rothchild Dynasty, major player in the “Federal” Reserve Act scam): He stated on February 17, 1950 before the U.S. Senate: “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or by consent.”

Henry Kissinger (Secretary of State to Nixon): He said at a Bilderberger meeting, “Today, Americans would be outraged if U.N. forces entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful.” Warren Christopher (former Secretary of State under Clinton): He stated on January 25, 1993, on CNN: “We must get the NEW WORLD ORDER on track and bring the U.N. into its correct roll in regards to the U.S.” The Washington Times reported on May 12, 1996: “Secretary of State Warren Christopher has declared protection of the “global environment” to be a fundamental principle of American foreign policy. In a recent speech at Stanford University, Mr. Christopher unveiled the “Environmental Initiative for the 21st century,” an ambitious agenda of green diplomatic initiatives he intends to promote with renewed vigor throughout the world.”

Mikhail Gorbachev : In November 1987, Mr. Gorbachev made the following statements to the Politburo “Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about Glasnost and Peretroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal change within the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep.” (See the following paragraph for more of Mr. Gorbachev’s intentions.) Other organizations have been established in modern history to assist in the establishment of the new world order. The Bilderbergers were formed in 1954, as a sister organization to the CFR and with careful manipulation saw to it that Clinton was elected President.

The Club of Rome is using environmental policies, and the unified protection of the worldwide environment as a force moving towards a new world order. This group has divided the world into 10 regions and has placed Mikhail Gorbachev as chairman of the World Environmental Movement from his base in San Francisco. The Tri-Lateral Commission, formed by David Rockefeller in July, 1972, and using contrived and planned gas shortages, turned Japan into an industrial giant over night. This was done to shift money (we began buying Japanese cars faster than they could produce them) to Japan, and Europe with the end result being, lost jobs, lost technology and lost capabilities to bring down an already staggering trade deficit.

2. When Will One World Government Happen? The Bible does not set the date for the creation of the one world government. Rather, the Lord has a way of setting His own dates and embarrassing the date setters (recall “88 Reasons Why He Will Come in 88,” “1994,” etc.). Yet, we can observe events as they occur and return to the Bible, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to see just where they fit in. The move to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT has been carefully planned, slowly conditioning people, moving them step-by-step towards public acceptance of a one world government. We are being conditioned similar to the story of a frog in a pan of water with fire beneath it. The frog will remain in the heating pan as the water temperature rises and finally scalds the frog to death. The frog will not move, gradually becoming accustomed to the heat. And the frog is comfortable. However, if you were to throw a frog into a pan of hot water, the frog would jump out. Like the scalded frog, we have been conditioned to accept a one world government! Just read the following and let the Lord show you when or how far into it we are.

The CFR publishes a very informative quarterly journal called “Foreign Affairs”. More often than not, important new shifts in U.S. policy, or highly indicative attitudes of political figures, have been telegraphed in its pages. For instance, when he was preparing to run for President in 1967, Nixon made himself acceptable to the insiders of the establishment with an article in the October 1967 issue of Foreign Affairs. In it, he called for a new policy of openness toward Red China, a policy he himself initiated later in 1972. The April 1974 issue of Foreign Affairs carried a very explicit recommendation for carrying out the world government scheme of CFR founder Edward Mandell House. Authored by State Department veteran and Columbia University Professor Richard N. Gardner (himself a member), “The Hard Road to World Order”, admits that a single leap into world government by an organization like the U.N. is unrealistic. Instead Gardner urged the continued piecemeal delivery of national sovereignty to a variety of international organizations. He called for “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece.” He named as organizations to accomplish his goal the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the Law of the Sea Conference, the World Food Conference, the World Population Conference, disarmament programs, and a United Nations military force. This approach, Gardner said, “can produce some remarkable concessions of sovereignty that could not be achieved on an across-the-board basis.”

The NAFTA Agreement, as well as many other agreements, are solidifying North America as 1 of 10 world regions. Could these be the 10 horns of Revelation 17:12-4: “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.”

Professor Gardner’s preference for destroying the freedom and independence of the U.S. in favor of the CFR’s goal of world government may thoroughly dominates top circles in our nation today. Yet the end of these attempts is written in God’ eternal word. Still, the men who would scrap the United States Constitution are praised as “progressives” and “far-sighted thinkers.” The only question that remains among these powerful insiders is which method to use to carry out their treasonous plan. But, even that question is no mystery our Lord.

3. Who Will be in Charge of One World Government? I believe the antichrist system is already in charge. Babylon, reborn in the religious system, the Opus Dei, took control of the Vatican Banks in 1981 and along with control of the World Council of Churches, we have that leg of the three-legged milk-stool. The secret societies are flourishing and the recruiting of men into Freemasonry has reached into State Fairs and public events. This all goes back to the families: Rothchilds, Rockefellers and the Opus Banks. They control the buying, selling, food distribution and, in turn, control the people.

4. Will One World Government Affect America? Yes! America is being affected and will be more so. We are a nation that was founded on Godly principles. However, as the Nation of Israel did many times, we have taken up wicked ways and judgment is on the way. We are sacrificing babies in an 8.1 billion dollar a year abortion industry. We are buying fetal tissue from the Russians for use in cosmetics, tissue banks and brain implants, to name a few things. The scripture says of whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48). God is going to require much of us, for he has indeed blessed us!

5. Will I Be Affected? The very foundations of our faith will be tested. We are already being labeled. We see persecution coming, and it will cost you to proclaim the name of Jesus. It cost HIM everything!

6. What Does the World Tell Me to Do? The world knows something has gone wrong. Eighty-five percent (85%) of the people in a recent poll said, “This cannot go on.” But what is their answer? Put your money in bigger barns, more savings, bigger houses and get all the pleasure while it lasts.

7. What Do Many Christian Leaders Say to Do? They say “Buy my book for financial security” only $19.95 and 29.95 for a video so you can learn the principles of how to handle your money and by the way we take VISA and MASTER CHARGE. It seems strange that those that are telling us how to handle our money want us to use a system that is usury in its best form. We will tithe to the bank but will not tithe to the Lord. The cry is the same as the world build bigger barns, store up silver and gold.

8. What Does the Bible Say to Do? Well, you can’t eat gold, and a loaf of bread could well buy a bag of gold. The Bible instructs believers to share, feed the poor, the needy, widows and fatherless and not to worry about what tomorrow brings. Rather, we are to live each day to bring the lost to Christ. If, instead, you sit on top of a storehouse of food and possessions with an AK47, protecting it and shooting the first guy that comes along (dead men don’t repent and get saved), you are not following Jesus: “And he spake a parable unto them, saying, ‘The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully: And he thought within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits? And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods. And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided? So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.’ And he said unto his disciples, ‘Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on.'” (Luke 12:16-22)

9. Is the One World Government One of the Signs of the Last Days? We are forced to look at reality folks. The hottest selling items right now are security devices, protection equipment, CLUBs for your car, weapons, hand guns, bars for your windows, wood grain steel doors for the front of your house. Riots, protests, marches, marshal law, FEMA, U.N. troops in U.S., U.S. troops under the U.N., black helicopters and so much more is going on today.

Global Control System: When we think of the antichrist, our thoughts often go to a guy in long red underwear and horns holding a pitchfork in his hand. And that is what he would want you to believe. The antichrist is smooth and clever and the bible says that he was corrupted by his beauty. So forget him looking like Mr. double-ugly. He would also want us to believe that he is disorganized, so that his workings might be missed as random chance events, not an organized plan of events. The following is a list of some of the suspect organizations, many of which are typified by secret oaths and agendas, along with the relevant dates: Freemasonry Claim to Egypt (1390) Freemasonry Scottish Rite (1395) First Master Global Plan-Rothschild (1773) Illuminati Adam Weishaupt (May 1, 1776) Masonic alliance with Illuminati (July 16, 1782) League of Just Men (1810) Secret Plan Global Society Skull & Bones (1833) Council of Foreign Relations (July 1921) United Nations (1945) Club of Rome Divides World into 10 Regions (1950’s) Bilderbergers International (1954) Tri-lateral Commission July (1972)

New Money: Imagine you’re watching the late news on TV, and just before the sign-off, the Anchorman reads an emergency notice from the secretary of the Treasury: “Warning as of midnight tonight, $50 and $100 federal reserve notes ( the currency of drug dealers and money launderers) are no longer legal tender.” “American citizens and resident aliens have 72 hours to exchange these high denomination bills at their bank, S&L or credit union. Detailed identification must be provided and anyone seeking to exchange more than $1,000 must fill out IRS form 666.” This probably all sounds a little far-fetched right?

Congressman Ron Paul says: “I’ll never forget the day I closed the door to my Congressional office, sat down and saw the New Money designs. They made my skin crawl: garish colors blighted with holograms, diffraction gratings, metal ribbons, and chemical alarms.” More from Congressman Ron Paul: “I’ve watched the Treasury test various batches of new money paper produced by the Crane Paper Company of Dalton, Massachusetts. And I watched when the Treasury asked Crane, just the other day, to produce massive quantities of Metal-Embedded, Plastic-Threaded new money paper.” This new money is to be traceable, in case you are wondering why. What the Feds actually want is Total Surveillance. That’s why the new money will be electronically traceable. And it’s why, when you go to the bank to exchange your old cash, you will be put on the IRS list if you hand over more than $10,000. The government is already running a cashless society test. At the Giant U.S. Marine base on Parris Island, South Carolina, no cash may be used. Each Marine is issued a “Smart Card” and his pay is electronically entered on it. He must use the card to pay for everything he buys, from haircuts to magazines to movies. On it’s computers, the government can thus trace every cent, and maintain a “Total Financial Profile” of each Marine.

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• Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Israel is God’s time clock. The church age, as precious as it is to our Lord, is but an interlude between the sixty-ninth and seventieth weeks within the 70 weeks of years prophesied in Daniel 7:20-27. To recognize God’s chronology, we must look for signs that signal the approach of the seventieth week of years. “And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees; When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand. So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.” (Luke 21:29-32) Jesus warned us to be aware of the signs of the times (Matthew 16:2-3) so that the day of His return would not find us unaware (Luke 21:34-36).

He then gave numerous signs that would show the nearness of His return (Luke 21:25-28). He illustrated the principle of signs with the parable of a fig tree. In the parable of the fig tree, we see a symbol of the nation of Israel. We believe in the parable Jesus is telling us that when Israel comes back to life (like a tree buds in springtime) that is, becomes a nation again, to expect that His return is near. If you refer to the chart entitled “Captivity of Israel” on the next page, you will notice that God’s word shows us that Israel would be restored as a nation on May 14, 1948. Israel became a nation May 14, 1948. Why is this date so significant? Luke 21:32 talks about a generation that will not pass away before all these things be fulfilled. The generation that this scripture refers to is the generation that was born when Israel became a nation. This generation, born in 1948, will not pass away before the return of Jesus Christ. If we average the generations listed in the Bible for the 2000 years before Jesus, we can conclude that a generation is about 52 years. When we add this to May 1948, we come to somewhere quite near the year 2000. Similarly, if we calculate 6,000 years or 6 days (a day is as 1,000 years and 1,000 years as a day II Peter 3:8) from the time of the creation of Adam and Eve, we come to somewhere near the year 2000. The millennium corresponds to the 7th day in which God rested (ceased His work). So we too enter into the rest of the Lord during the millennium (1000 years) our work is finished.

We are not suggesting that 2000 is the year of the second coming of Jesus Christ. But, by these signs we know we are getting so very close to the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us look at how God’s word provides us with the date May 14, 1948. In Ezekiel 4, God instructed Ezekiel to lay on his side for 430 days, representing 430 years of iniquity upon Israel. But He also promised that He will gather Israel “out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land” (Ezekiel 36:24.) True to prophecy, the people were taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, in 606 B.C. (Daniel 1.) The Babylonian Captivity lasted 70 years as prophesied in Jeremiah 25:11, ending in 536 B.C. (Ezra 1.) At the conclusion of the Bablylonian Captivity, 360 years remained of the 430 years prophesied by Ezekiel. But Israel did not repent of its sin. Indeed only 50,000 people returned at the end of the 70 years (Ezra 2:64-65.) Most of Israel choose not to return with Zerubbabel at that time. In Leviticus 26:18, God warned Israel that if Israel continued in sin after punishment, the punishment would be multiplied 7 times. When the remaining 360 years is multiplied by 7, the punishment extends to 2,520 years.

God’s prophetic year is based upon a 360 day year (see Genesis 7:11, 7:24 and 8:5; Revelation 12:6 and 12:14, as examples). 2,520 years of 360 days is 907,200 days. Based upon our solar calendar, this is 2483 years, 9 months and 21 days. Adding this period to the date of the decree of King Cyrus discussed in Ezra 1 (see above), we come to what is most probably May 14, 1948 (do not forget that there is no year 0 A.D.)

God’s Word & Jerusalem: June 7, 1967 The exact same calculation can also apply to the captivity of Jerusalem. When the people were taken into captivity in 606 B.C., the city of Jerusalem was not then destroyed. However, in 587 B.C., Jerusalem was taken and the temple destroyed (II Kings 25.) 70 years later, in 517 B.C., the temple was reconstructed (Ezra 6:15.) When we add 2483 years, 9 months and 21 days to this date, we come to what is most probably June 7, 1967. What is special about this date? June 7, 1967 is the concluding day of the “6-Day War,” in which Israel, for the first time since 517 B.C., regained Jerusalem. God’s keen interest in Israel clearly continues into this century. The Signs of Israel Following are some additional signs which point to God’s special interest in Israel and the final countdown to the Lord’s return. This list is by no means complete, but includes just some items that hopefully will excite you to get into God’s word:

I. God’s Protective Hand on Israel Shortly after Israel became a nation she was attacked. With God, a one-eyed general, and only one airplane, Israel was victorious. In 1967, in 6 days, although vastly outnumbered, Israel repelled all invaders and recaptured Jerusalem. In the Iraq war, 39 missiles were fired into Israel, but not one single Israeli was killed. Israel has prospered and grown. Folks, God’s hand is on Israel.

II. God’s Restoration

A. The Jews return home In 1882 there were approximately 25,000 Jews in Palestine. In 1900 there were 50,000. In 1922 there were 84,000. In 1931 there were 175,000. In 1948 there were 650,000. (Israel became a Nation). In 1952 there were 1,421,000. Today there are approximately 3,500,000 Jews in Palestine (Israel). This re-gathering and prospering of Israel as a distinct nation is exactly what God said He would do. In Ezekiel 34, God said: “For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out . . . And I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land, and feed them upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers, and in all the inhabited places of the country.” (34:11,13) In Isaiah 43, God said: “I will say to the north, Give up; and to the south, Keep not back: bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ends of the earth; (43:6) The number of Jews has increased over 120 times in less than 100 years. In Ezekiel 36, God said: “For I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land.” In Jeremiah 31, God said: “Behold, I will bring them from the north country, and gather them from the coasts of the earth, and with them the blind and the lame, the woman with child and her that travaileth with child together: a great company shall return thither.” (Jeremiah 31:8) God said He would bring back His people from all countries, some of which are surprising.

B. Ethiopian Jews Return to Israel “3,000 year journey now complete, Ethiopian Jews return home. In Ethiopian history it is recorded that about 3,000 years ago the queen of Sheba visited Solomon. Scripture states that they exchanged gifts. Ethiopian history fills in the gaps, according to history they were married and produced a son named Memelik, who was educated in Jerusalem, but after a time returned home with his mother. From that day to this, the Ethiopian Jews have awaited their destiny. On the 24th and 25th of May, Operation Solomon brought them home at last.” (Excerpted from an article in News From Israel, 9/28/91.)

C. Soviet Jews Return to Israel “1 million Soviet Jews head for their new homeland.” Time, 1/14/91.

III. The Temple Prophecy is now being fulfilled as to the soon returning of Christ and the building of the temple. Although God will no longer dwell in a temple constructed by men (Acts 7:48), the temple in Jerusalem must be built again so that God’s word is fulfilled. II Thessalonians tells us that the anti-christ will sit in the temple and proclaim himself to be God (2:4). So a temple will be located in Jerusalem on the holy site (Mount Zion) as the time of the end draws near.

A. Rebuilding temple on disputed site Moslems also claim Mt. Zion as a holy site and have constructed the dome of the rock there. Scholars have long maintained that it would have to be destroyed in order to build the temple for the Jews. Recent evidence indicates that the Moslem mosque is actually located in the Court of the Gentiles which would be an open area outside the temple itself. The Jews have been preparing to rebuild the temple for years. Some of the massive foundation stones have already been quarried and at least one attempt was made to place one of these stones at the site. Also being prepared at this time are other items related to the temple and items necessary to cleanse the temple and to perform priestly duties within the temple.

B. High Priest Breastplate Currently under construction is the High Priest’s breastplate set with 12 gemstones representing the Tribes of Israel. Excerpted from an article by the Associated Press, by Mary Sedor. Please Read Exodus chapters 28-30 about the breastplate and other garments of the High Priest.

C. Tools for the temple Instruments of worship and sacrifice being displayed. Excerpted from an article in Prophecy in the News, 9/89.

D. Red Heifer Ashes from red heifer needed to cleanse temple. Excerpted from an article in News in Israel, 3/90. Please read Numbers 19:1-6.

E. Blue Dye Israel welcomes back tekhelet snails. This snail is noted for its blue coloring and is necessary to mark certain religious items. This snail once thought to be extinct is now producing in abundance along the shores of Israel. Prophecy in News, 2/91.

F. Did the ark return with the Ethiopian Jews? There is strong historical evidence that the ark has been in Ethiopia for the past 3,000 years.

The Encyclopedia Britannica records that Aksum, an ancient city in Tigre, Abysinia (modern Ethiopia), contains the ancient church where, according to tradition, the Tobot or Ark of the Covenant, brought from Jerusalem by the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, was deposited and is still supposed to rest. Also Emperor Hailie Selassie alluded to this. Mussolini aimed to take the Ark in 1936 when he invaded Ethiopia (The Biblical Evangelist, 8/1/91.) Israel is God’s time clock. We need to heed the warning of our Lord to watch (Israel and other signs) and to pray that we be “accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man” (Luke 21:36.) Let us not be found in disobedience to His command. Remember the words of Jesus, when He said: “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)

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• Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Genesis 6:4-7 speaks of a society that is so bad that it repented God that He had made man. In Matthew 24:37-39 Jesus said the conditions would be the same when He returns as they were in the days of Noah. When we look at society today, we find that abortion is a right, homosexuality is an accepted and soon to be protected lifestyle, young couples believe it is unwise to marry without a ‘trial marriage’ of fornication, the major television networks transmit pornography into our households, and children’s games and cartoons promote sex, violence and witchcraft. And to the extent that these values may exist primarily in the western world, how well do we send them by movie, television, newspaper and books throughout the known world.

Oh, how soon is it to the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ? “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.” (Genesis 6:5- 6) “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” (Matthew 24:37- 39)

Aborted Baby Tissue: The government is funding experimentation on aborted babies dead or alive. Most babies aborted in the third trimester (6th – 9th month) will survive the abortion process. This is important because the tissue used for experimentation must come from a living baby. Some of the methods used to obtain living tissue are as follows: In Sweden, a procedure is used in which a pregnant woman is put to sleep and the baby is then located and brought down to the cervix. The doctor will then drill through the skull of the living baby and suction off the brains for implantation in victims of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Similar procedures are carried out on living babies for their pancreas and skin (for burn victims) in which the baby is actually “skinned alive.” The baby tissue research business is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Collagen is the gelatinous substance found in connective tissue (muscle), bone and cartilage. Many shampoos, lotions and hand and face creams contain collagen. Check the label carefully; if it doesn’t specify animal or bovine it is very possibly collagen from babies. Collagen is supposed to slow aging. Isn’t it amazing that dead babies are turned into a substance for people who are concerned with what others might think of their wrinkles? Tissue cultures are obtained by dropping still living babies into meat grinders and homogenizing them, according to the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.  Is Abortion Murder? We are all familiar with the commandment not to kill. But what man is calling a “fetus” is really human life. Consider the following:

FACT: a heartbeat can be detected 18-25 days from conception.

FACT: brain waves can be recorded at 40 days.

FACT: at 11-12 weeks all body systems are complete.

FACT: at 12 weeks the baby is nearly one ounce and about 3 inches long

FACT: at 18-25 days this baby is pumping its own blood, not the mother’s blood. It is a separate human being. In Leviticus 17:11, the Lord said “For the life of the flesh is in the blood . . . ”

The Lord hates the shedding of innocent blood (Proverbs 6:16-17). A leading Evangelist made the statement that abortion was not a big issue because we do not know when human life begins anyway. How persuaded is he by the written word. Even the bible translation he uses provides as follows: “your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be” (Psalms 139:16). If you would like more information on Scripture related to abortion, ask for our publication titled “Scriptures in Relation to Abortion”.

If you have been involved with abortion, you must know that God does not look upon it any differently than He did when He looked at the practice of burning babies by placing them on a red hot idol as a sacrifice to Molech as described in 2 Kings 17:17: “And they caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger.” Yet, He desires to forgive those who will turn away from sin. For those who have had an abortion, lay it all at the alter and ask forgiveness. He is bound by His word to forgive and He will as stated in I John 1:9. Turn away from sin, ask for His forgiveness, and walk on with Jesus.

Murders/Suicide: Infants are the fastest growing group of murder victims in the U.S. Infants represent the only age group in which killings doubled between the years 1973 and 1990. (U.S.A. Today 1/24/92.) Is it any wonder these things happen? We are being desensitized to murder: by abortion, euthanasia, TV and the music we listen to. It is the New Age that wants to remove 2 billion people from the planet by the year 2000. It looks like they might be right on target. With AIDS, homosexuality, promiscuity and abortion rampant, it is no small wonder that these things are running headlong into the church. As a Christian, you cannot let your ideas be influenced by the world. Rather, you must be willing to be separated from the world. “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” (II Corinthians 6:17-18)

Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality is a new hidden danger just over the horizon in this space age technology. The use of virtual reality by NASA to simulate Mars landings and space travel all seems very innocent. However, the commercial world is looking at Virtual Reality as a money maker and new drug that can be sold without a prescription. The warnings given here are similar to warnings applicable to video games that are loaded with subliminal messages and violence. What is Virtual Reality? It is putting on a helmet and data glove or skeletal suit, shutting out the real world, and entering into outer space or inner space as you choose. It can be a way of escape, or, as the pornography people are preparing for, it can be better than the real thing. What Are Virtual Reality’s Claims? The following quotes are from an advertisement by ZYGON which appeared in Omni magazine, October 1993, page 119. Dane Spotts says “LAUNCH YOUR MIND INTO VIRTUAL REALITY-LIKE FANTASIES” and it goes on to say that you can go on “3 FANTASTIC MIND JOURNEYS. Transport your consciousness on a journey to other times and places with three mind blowing experiences. Aboriginal Dreamtime takes you to a time when the world was new and MAGIC ruled. Cetacean mind link puts you inside a whale or a dolphin to experience an incredible ocean world. And finally the ultimate mind trip, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, simulates the 5 astral stages of an out-of-body journey.” Just hit the start button and you are in electronic ZEN. Watch out for a soon coming media blitz and video store advertisements. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:6a) “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (II Corinthians 10:4-5.)

Summary: Our society shares many characteristics with society in the days of Noah. We had better get prepared and remain prepared. Learn to discern the signs of the times. Jesus warned the religious leaders of the day: “When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather today: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?” (Matthew 16:2a-3). The time to turn to Jesus is now. The time to fully walk in His ways, separated from the ways of the world is now. We need to fix our minds on Jesus Christ and Him only. “We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of our political institutions upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the ten commandments of God.” James Madison (chief architect of the U.S. Constitution)


This site has several related articles that might interest you. 


On June 17, 1963 the United States Supreme Court issued the final decision in a series that forbid Bible reading and prayer in the public schools. Bible reading and prayer had been a part of America’s schools since the beginning of the country. The prayer the Court objected to follows: “Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers and our Country.” God had honored prayer by giving America up to 1963 the finest educational system in the world. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores were the highest ever. America prior to 1963 had violent crime rate below the national population growth rate. The divorce rate was dropping steadily from the 1940’s and the teenage premarital sex rate was unchanged. By the 1990’s, a separation of church and state was established and everything to do with God had been removed from the public schools and many government institutions. When the Supreme court rejected God and His Word, immediate judgment did not appear to fall. It appeared nothing happened and the country continued on. At first the judgment for rejecting God was not felt or seen, but 30 years later it is clear that in 1963 the blessings of God were removed from America. Looking back to 1963, it is clear awesome judgment fell on America. The year 1963 literally became the separating year between God’s blessings and judgment. For the nations that honor God the Bible states “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people He hath chosen for His own inheritance.” Psalm 33:12. For the nation that rejects God the Bible states “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.” Psalm 9:7.

In 1963 the three greatest problems in school were talking, gum chewing and noise. By the 1990’s the three greatest problems in the godless public schools were rape, robbery and assault. The SAT scores have literally plummeted since the very year of 1963. America has paid a terrible price for rejecting God. Prior to 1963 serial killers and mass murderers were almost unheard of. Today they both occur with frightening regularity, and America is increasingly becoming a violent nation. America’s cities have become like those of a third world nation. Sexual diseases have sky rocketed along with premarital relations in our teen-agers. Since 1963 every statistic showing a social problem has risen dramatically while the statistics for things that are good have dropped. America is literally being turned into hell as the Bible states would happen to all the nations that reject God. More police will not prevent crime. More money will not improve the school system. More taxes will not solve the nation’s problems. America needs national repentance for rejecting God and allowing such sin as abortions, adultery, drugs, fornication, homosexuality and pornography to become common and accepted. The nation needs to turn to Jesus Christ as Lord to be forgiven and healed.

This article is from “God’s Final Warning to America”, by John McTernan and is used by permission. The author is available for public speaking.

The Earthquake Connection: To put God’s warnings into perspective, six of the top eleven earthquakes to hit America this century have occurred on or very near to major abortion or homosexual related events. Five of these earthquakes have struck since April, 1992! God has been very merciful, because most of the quakes were centered in remote areas, or if the quake hit a populated area, not many lives were lost; thus they serve as awesome warnings.


10/17/89: Two days after a large abortion rights march in San Francisco – Fifth greatest earthquake The front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, October 16, 1989, had an article titled “A Huge, Spirited Abortion Rights Rally in S.F.” Page A3 of The Patriot News, October 16, 1989, had an article titled “Ten Governors Urge High Court to Uphold Abortion Rights.” The front page of The Patriot News, October 18, 1989, had an article titled “Quake Kills 47 in California.” 4/92: Height of attack against Operation Rescue in Buffalo, NY Sixth greatest earthquake (4/25/92) and Eleventh greatest earthquake (4/23/92) The front page of The Washington Post, April 6, 1992, had an article titled “Abortion Rights Rally Draws Half a Million Marchers.” Page 3A of U.S.A. Today, April 21, 1992, had an article about Operation Rescue titled “Face-Off in Buffalo.” The front page of The Patriot (Evening News), April 23, 1992, had articles titled “Justices Begin Review of State Abortion Law” and “Strong Quake Rattles West.” The front page of the New York Times, April 30, 1992, had articles titled “Los Angeles Policeman Acquitted in Taped Beating” and “Down and Divided in Buffalo, Abortion Foes Suspend Siege.” The front page of the New York Times, May 1, 1992, had an article titled “11 Dead in Los Angeles Rioting: 4,000 guard troops called out as fires and looting continue.” 6/28/92: Gay Pride Day followed by Supreme Court decision not to overturn Roe v. Wade Fourth greatest earthquake- The front page of the Los Angeles Times, June 29, 1992, had articles titled”2 Strong Quakes Jolt Wide Area” and “200,000 Attend Gay Pride Parade.” 1/17/94: Day after Sanctity of Life Sunday and five days before the 21st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Seventh greatest earthquake The front page of the Los Angeles Times, January 18, 1994, had an article titled “33 Die, Many Hurt in 6.6. Quake.” The epicenter of the quake was in Northridge, California, where 80% of all video pornography was made. The Associated Press, January 28, 1992, had an article titled “Quake Affects Porn Industry.” This earthquake was the most powerful in the world in 1992. An aftershock to this quake was the ninth greatest earthquake. Ten of the most severe earthquakes in the world in 1992 were located in California.

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• Sunday, March 15th, 2009

God intended that men would look at what He had created and know that He is. When we truthfully study what nature wants us to hear and know, not what the world wants to believe, it becomes apparent that God designed and created the earth, mankind and all creatures, exactly how it is recorded in the Holy Bible.

If you honestly look at nature, as revealed by truthful science, it is our prayer that you will recognize that God has given you a choice: You can pretend that God does not exist, hiding behind the deception that you hope will permit you to continue to live a life of sin; or you can acknowledge the truth that God exists, God designed, God created, God continues to rule and God will hold each of us accountable for our choices. “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.” (Romans 1:20-23)

Mount St. Helens

The Eruption: Mt. St. Helens in Washington State erupted on May 18, 1980, giving us an exciting view into creation. It lost 1300 feet of summit elevation as one-half a cubic mile of rock and ice was blown off the top of the mountain. Three-eighths of a cubic mile, or three-quarters of the landslide material, flowed down into the Toutle River, located just west of the volcano. One-eighth of a cubic mile, or one-quarter of the landslide material, slipped down into Spirit Lake, located just to the north of the volcano.

Mudflow: A mudflow eroded a canyon system up to 140 feet deep in the headwaters of the north fork of the Toutle River Valley. Scientists expect that a canyon like this should develop slowly over thousands or millions of years. Isn’t it amazing what God can do in a short time? This canyon is called the little “Grand Canyon of the Toutle River.” It is a one-fortieth scale model of the real Grand Canyon. Geologists might think that the little creeks that flow through the head-waters of the Toutle River created this canyon over an extended period of time, except for the fact that they observed this happening very rapidly.

Peat: Peat and the first stages of coal are commonly believed to take thousands of years to form. Peat has already formed on the bottom of Spirit Lake proving that this process can take a relatively short time. The bark and limbs from the trees settle to the bottom of the lake along with volcanic ash which decays and makes the peat. The layer of peat in Spirit Lake is already several inches thick. Forests: There appears to be an entire forest planted at the bottom of Spirit Lake. Scuba divers headed by Dr. Harold Coffin have investigated the log mass floating on Spirit Lake. They discovered that the trees get water logged and plant themselves upright (the root end being the heaviest) in the bottom of Spirit Lake. Dr. Coffin found similar conditions when he went to Yellowstone to look at the petrified forest. Those trees also had no root base. The roots are typically about three feet long. Could God have uprooted and replanted the Yellowstone forest during the flood?

Summary: Evolutionist theories of an old earth continue to be eroded with the evidence produced by Mt. St. Helens. Many so-called scientists are now confronted with more evidence which is inconsistent with their theories. Many of the events which these scientists believe require millions of years to evolve, we have seen occur since May 18, 1980. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (Genesis 1:1) For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is. (Exodus 20:11a)

Other Studies

Shrinking Sun: Since 1836, 100 different observers at Royal Greenwich and U.S. Naval observatories have made direct visual measurements which show that the diameter of the sun is shrinking at the rate of one-tenth of one percent every century, or about 5 feet each hour. Using the most conservative data, had the sun existed one million years ago, it would have been so large and it would have heated the earth so much that no life could have survived.

Atmosphere is Stable: Who is behind all of the reports concerning ozone depletion? Since freon and related chlorofluorocarbon molecules weigh from four to eight times as much as air, how do they get into the upper layers of the atmosphere (10 to 25 miles above the earth’s surface) to destroy ozone? Some scientists believe that chlorides from CFCs are the culprits destroying the ozone. How, then, do we explain that chloride is being created by sea water evaporation at an estimated rate of 600 million tons per year, and Mount Erebus in Antarctica has been producing 1000 tons of chloride daily since at least 1972? This volcano alone releases 50 times more chloride annually than an entire year’s production of CFCs. It is located 6 miles upwind of McMurdo Sound, where Antarctic ozone measurements are made. How do we explain the results of a 10 year study concluded in 1985 by the National Cancer Institute that showed the amount of ultraviolet-B reaching the earth actually decreased by an average of 0.7 percent per year?

Why do reports of the dangers of CFCs and other doomsday scenarios begin with “Experts predict,” “Based on current trends,”, etc., but fail to justify them with any facts? The media scientists warning us of global warming are the same people who, 25 years ago, were warning us of an impending ice age. Realistic scientists, the data-collecting and data-measuring scientists, do not come to these worrisome conclusions. They are finding the atmospheric conditions surprisingly stable. But their conclusions are of little interest to the news media. Summary: Evidence supports a young earth; yet evolutionists, while professing to be wise, hang on to their disproven theories.

Confirming Special Creation

G God’s Grand Design

E Energy & Law of Entropy

N No Fossils for Evolution

E Evidence for Creation

S Statistical Simulations

I In Less than 10,000 Years

S Scripture Specifies


Special Creation

Historically, it has been the western, Christian world that has given rise to the greatest scientific achievements. Why? … God commanded Adam to “subdue” and “have dominion over” the creation. It is this creationist mindset which has proven to be the scientifically fertile one. But evolutionists continue to say that creationism is just ‘religion’.

Many of the world’s most outstanding and productive scientists have been creationists both Biblically and scientifically. Examples: Isaac Newton, Johann Kepler, Blaise Pascal, Galileo, Michael Faraday, Samuel Morse, George Washington Carver, Gregor Mendel, Louis Pasteur and so on. “Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we our-selves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.” (Psalms 100:3) U.S. Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are CREATED equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Creation Is a Cornerstone of the Foundation of this Nation! Can We See Truth from Science? Science is based on observation and experimentation. But, scientists are always discovering something new which forces them to revise or overhaul their theories. Scientists NEVER DO KNOW how much they DON’T KNOW. They never have all the facts. You can only arrive at the truth if you possess ALL the facts. Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. (Revelation 4:11)

God’s Grand Design: As the archaeologist proceeds with his “dig,” he will readily identify pieces of pottery, tools and other items as being “man made”. He will easily see in these things the evidence of DESIGN, and thus he will distinguish them from other materials which occur naturally. Likewise, many features of our universe will convince the unprejudiced mind of their inherent design. Consider the dance of the honeybee directing others to the new nectar source. Think of the gorgeous rings of Saturn; billions of bits of matter orbiting in impeccable formation.

What about spiral galaxies and binary stars? And when we look within our bodies, we find similar evidences of design. Like the thymus gland in our immune system which produces a group of “killer cells” that recognize each of the hundreds of millions of “antigens” found in nature. Don’t these observations compel the open minded person to conclude they must be the result of special creation?

What About Homology? Perhaps the most persuasive evolutionist argument has been that of Homology. Similar structures, such as the arms of apes and man, are said to be homologous and to evidence a common ancestor. But now, molecular biologists know these structures are specified by DIFFERENT genes. Thus the evidence is actually for a common DESIGNER, not a common ancestor. For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. (Colossians 1:16-17)

Energy & the Law of Entropy: The laws of thermodynamics truly demand SPECIAL CREATION. These two thoroughly proven and universally accepted laws of science are among the most fundamental physical laws of the entire universe. In fact they are often simply called the First and Second Laws.

The First Law says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. The Second Law states that whenever energy changes forms, though no energy is lost, it becomes more random and less useful. Or put another way, any physical system left to itself tends to move spontaneously toward disorganization. That is to say, ENTROPY (disorder) increases. But evolution is built upon just the very opposite of this fundamental law. That is, evolution requires a spontaneous decrease in randomness and a spontaneous increase in the usefulness of energy throughout the energy conversion process.

Evolution requires the spontaneous evolving and escalating complexity of life from the very simple to the complex. Thus, the two most prominent and time proven laws of science, the laws of thermodynamics, are inconsistent with evolution and require special creation. But What About Mutation? The Law of Biogenesis confirms special creation. This law declares that only life can beget life. Evolution is a theory without a MECHANISM. Natural selection cannot produce NEW genes; it can only select from among pre-existing genes or characteristics.

Mutations are the only proposed mechanism where by new genetic material becomes available for evolution. The catch is, that rarely, if ever, is a mutation beneficial to an organism in its natural environment. Almost all (perhaps all) observable mutations are harmful; many are lethal. No known mutation has ever produced a form of life having both greater complexity and viability than its ancestors. Over eighty years of fruit-fly experiments involving 3000 consecutive generations give absolutely no basis for believing that any natural or artificial process can bring about an increase in complexity and viability. No clear genetic improvement has ever been observed despite the many unnatural efforts to increase mutation rates. Variation within the genetic pool of the particular kind of animal, YES, but the evolution of NEW KINDS of animals, NO! Evolution is a theory entirely without a credible MECHANISM.

Myriads of animal kinds have become extinct within recorded history. None has ever been observed to have evolved. The Law of Biogenesis and the nature of mutations confirm special creation. No Fossil Evidence: The fossils which have been found do not support evolution. Rather, the fossil evidence confirms special creation. At the time Charles Darwin published his works, there simply had not been enough excavating by paleontologists to say “yea” or “nay” to his claims. But today, some 120 years or so later, it’s a different story. Now the evidence is in and it shows that life burst forth suddenly in COMPLETED forms.

The so-called oldest rocks reveal no trace of any evolutionary ancestors. The intermediate forms or transitional forms on which evolution so depends for confirmation of its theory, are simply not there. The missing links are still missing. There is abundant fossil evidence now available. The fossils confirm special creation. Evidence for Creation: Dr. Louis Bounoure, a prominent Swiss scientist, summed it up rather succinctly when he stated, “Evolution is a fairy tale for grownups! The theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless.” The truth is that science disproves any theory of a slowly evolving earth, again confirming special creation.

Polonium Radio Haloes: Tiny specks of radioactive material encased in granite bedrock have produced small spherical discolorations. This radioactive material, Polonium 218, has a very short “half- life” of only 3 minutes. This means it would be EXTINCT within a few hours. But bedrock must be solid for Polonium 218 to make these distinctive haloes. Thus, trillions of tiny polonium radio haloes prove that the earth’s bedrocks were instantly and miraculously created, or miraculously cooled within a very few hours so that these distinctive polonium haloes would be formed before the radioactive materials became extinct. Statistical Simulations: Scientists have tried to create statistical models which support evolution. But, the laws of statistical probability mandate special creation.

Evolution totally fails under statistical “modeling”. It turns out there are just not enough possible interactions between particles in the whole known universe to satisfy the infinitesimally remote probability which evolution is built upon. Evolution is the longest “Long Shot” one could possibly bet on. The impossibly remote statistical odds are often obscured by the introduction of a bogus time frame, that is, billions and billions of years.

Most dating methods show the earth to be less than 10,000 years old. But the mind boggling impact of the introduction of such immense and phony time periods tends to obscure the insurmountable character of the odds that do exist regardless of the time span. Sir Fred Hoyle, a prominent British scientist, was heard to say “Imagine a tornado sweeping through a junk yard, and as it passes on its way, there in its wake is a brand new Boeing 747 jumbo jet, which of course, has been fashioned and assembled by random chance out of the junk yard.” Even if it were theoretically possible, the odds are so preposterously remote as to be equivalent to zero.

Evolution has flatly failed under many attempts at statistical simulation. The laws of statistical probability prove special creation. “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” (Psalms 14:1) In less than 10,000 Years: Most dating methods favor a young earth and SPECIAL CREATION. The evolution theory requires billions of years to achieve even a ghost of a statistical chance. But, most dating methods point toward a creation less than 10,000 years ago.

Atmospheric Gasses: The decay of uranium and thorium release helium into the earth’s atmosphere. There is no known means by which large amounts of helium can escape from the atmosphere. Based solely upon the production of helium from the decay of uranium and thorium, the earth’s atmosphere could not have formed more than 40,000 years ago.

 Magnetic Field: Direct measurements of the earth’s magnetic field over the past 140 years show a steady and rapid decline in its strength. The half-life of the earth’s magnetic field is about 1400 years. This decay pattern is consistent with the theoretical view that there is an electrical current inside the earth which produces the magnetic field. If this view is correct, then 25,000 years ago the electrical current would have been so vast that the earth’s structure could not have survived the heat produced.

Oil Gushers: Abnormally high gas and oil well pressures within relatively permeable rock imply that these fluids were formed or encased less than 10,000 years ago. Otherwise, natural leakage would have reduced their pressure to a level far below what it is today.

Carbon-14 Dating: C-14 is produced in the atmosphere 30% faster than the rate at which it decays. When this data is used, instead of the unwarranted evolutionary assumption that the rate of production is equal to the rate of decay, computed dates of all the organic materials fall within 10,000 years. Further, if the atmosphere really were old as evolutionists want to believe, by now these two rates would be in equilibrium. The disparity in the two rates also confirms that the earth’s atmosphere is young.

Moon Dust: According to NASA’s estimates, moon dust which settles on the moon’s surface should be a mile deep, if the moon is billions of years old. So, NASA designed the Lunar Lander with landing gear pods that would not sink into the dust. What they found was that the moon dust was only an inch thick. Based on their own formulas, that inch of dust would date the moon as only 6000 years old, not the billions of years they had used in their design calculations.

Decay of the Speed of Light: Two Australian scientists have produced some impressive data indicating the speed of light is not constant as we have all been taught, but is actually decreasing. The speed of light may have been ten million times faster at one time. Thus, the light from the most distant star may have arrived the same afternoon God made it. Further, because radiometric dating methods are physically tied to the speed of light, recalculation of these dates using a decaying speed of light results in data that clearly indicates a young earth. As Daniel reveals, in the end times, knowledge will increase. (Daniel 12:4)

Scripture Specifies Special Creation: The Holy Bible also clearly confirms special creation. Holy Scripture consistently states that God CREATED. The exact nature of this form of language precludes any possibility that God allowed our universe to evolve. For God to say that He “created” is to say that he DID NOT ALLOW it to evolve. In fact, the Hebrew word used in Genesis 1:1 (“In the beginning God created . . .”) is the word “bara”, which means to create out of nothing. The flawless manner in which all Bible prophecies are fulfilled in their appointed times proves that the text in which they are embedded is the authentic WORD OF GOD.

The Almighty Creator alone commands those legions of atoms so that they show up in the right places at the right times, turning Bible prophecies into history. God’s own Word, the Bible, clearly demonstrates special creation. His glory and greatness shine brightly in all He has made. The reason and need for redemption is the FALL of a perfect creation. I CAN confirm the special creation and Genesis Flood by means of evidence, so that I CAN trust the parts of Scripture that I CANNOT directly verify.

Would a PERFECT God resort to trial and error to bring all things into being? Would a LOVING God use pain, struggle and death to make living things? If we are accidents of evolution what just claim does God have to our obedience? But, BECAUSE HE made every particle of our being His rule IS JUST. Let us wipe away the dingy cobwebs of evolution! Let His excellent creation shine forth in all its great brilliance! We owe our existence to His creation.

I encourage you to believe in His Son, whom He sent to redeem His fallen creatures, as He asks and commands (1 John 3:23). For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16) For he made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. (2 Corinthians 5:21) Jesus said, “Verily, Verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 3:3,14:6)

We would like to thank Ken Clark, of Creation Outreach for permitting us to utilize his article on special creation for much of the material under the heading “Seven Powerful Evidences Confirming Special Creation.”

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Welcome to Creation Science Evangelism. Here at CSE, our goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard, and to strengthen your faith if you are already a believer. We do this by showing how Science actually gives glory to God by supporting the Biblical account of creation. Please enjoy our website as you learn, or shop in our online store.
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• Sunday, March 15th, 2009

As we approach the second coming of Jesus Christ, the great falling away is becoming more evident. The professing Christian church is becoming more like the world and the ways of the world are appearing within the church, first by trickery and deceit and ultimately as readily accepted church practice. We must remain steadfast, following Jesus and the written word, refusing to be led away with the error of the wicked. We must approach unity with caution, desiring unity brought about by the Holy Spirit among believers, while refusing to unite with the world, the ways of the world, deceivers and antichrists. Pray that you will know the difference. Unity brought about by man is suspect. Any effort to achieve unity which does not insist that Jesus is the only way, but instead unites believers with unbelievers, is not of the Holy Spirit. Any effort to achieve unity which does not insist that you forsake sin and live a holy life consecrated to Jesus is fatally compromised. “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” (II Corinthians 6:17)

Jesus is the Focus

The church has one focal point and that is Jesus Christ. The church has one direction and that is to follow Jesus Christ. The church has one purpose and that is to serve Jesus Christ. We are to serve Him here and our service will continue up there. We have a book called the “Bible” which is the standard that we are to lay all we do up against. We must not rewrite the Bible to fit our lifestyle. Rather, we are to conform our lifestyle to what the Bible says. Based upon these elements of our faith, let’s examine what is going on in the church today. Or, should we say, what is going on in the buildings that we call the church today? The church (“eklesia” or “called out ones”) is and always will be the church. The building sometimes houses the church, but not always. The church is not a denomination, although some of the church will assemble in denominations and some will assemble in non-denominations. But then you can get so non-denominational that you become a denomination of non-denominationals.

The church is the body of Christ, made up of believers that cross denominational boundaries. The church has its very existence in Jesus, not in idols, colleges, hospitals, buildings, athletic teams or size. The focus of the church is upon Jesus and reaching the lost. However, when we look into the buildings that we so readily call the church, we are finding many New Age teachings, worldly ways, practices of witchcraft and sleep, creeping in, polluting, deceiving, and shifting our focus away from total dependence upon our Lord Jesus Christ. When we think about the church, our thoughts seem to go first to white buildings with a steeple on top and a bell. Or, if we have gained some theological knowledge, we might think of the church of the book of Acts. However, we might better turn our eyes upon Jesus, and try to understand His view of the church. And rather than to focus upon a building, we should instead take to our heart the message He has for His church. In particular, the church ought to hear, as Jesus commands, the messages He sent to the seven churches of the book of Revelation (Revelation Chapters 2 and 3).

Seven Letters

Some believe that each of the seven churches represent a different church age. That would place us in the Laodicean age, and that would make sense because Jesus described the church in Laodicea as “lukewarm”. Others believe that the seven churches do not represent seven ages, but seven different kinds of churches in this age. And that would also make sense because we see the lukewarm gathering together in a building with a steeple, and we see legalists gathering together in a building with no steeple, and we see those who have lost their first love gathering together when it’s not too inconvenient, and we see people who hate this or that gathering together to discuss someone else’s error, but too often blinded to their own error. But, sometimes we find all of these folks gathering together, in the same building, and they are called the church. And this is why others believe that the seven churches do not represent seven different church gatherings, past or present, but seven different peoples that are found within the church of every age. Perhaps all of the above make sense. But, rather than relying upon other men’s opinions, we should look at Jesus’ opinion, as stated in His word. Let’s look at the seven churches described in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3. And when we do so, let us not be too quick to discard what is written in red, simply because it does not fit into other men’s theories of interpretation.

Church at Ephesus:

Revelation 2:1-7 This is a church that had it all together. They had patience and discernment and could not stand evil. And they also used a spiritual polygraph on some who said they were apostles. And they correctly found them to be liars. This church labored in the name of Jesus and hast not fainted. You cannot get a much better report than this. But what else did Jesus say? “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent” (Revelation 2:4-5). Jesus was warning that the first love was more important than any of the surface works that were being done. The most important SIGN OF THE CHURCH is that it has intact it’s first LOVE. The church at Ephesus did have that love . . . at one time. And then, as time progressed, and as their works mounted, the church left its first love. When our works, no matter how good and Nobel, become a substitute for that intimate relationship with Jesus, we then are beginning that slow walk away from our first love. The love did not leave the church. Sadly, the church left the first love. My friend it is up to you. Church leader it is up to you. If you have left your first love, Jesus tells you what to do “repent and do the first works.”

Church at Smyrna:

Revelation 2:8-11 What is this tribulation thing that is going on? “Be thou faithful unto death and I will give you a crown of life?” Wait a minute. Isn’t there an easier way? Jesus said “fear none of those things which thou SHALT suffer” (2:10). Jesus makes it sound like suffering comes with church membership. (Like in China and so many other parts of the world is the church in this nation somehow exempt from these words?) Did you notice that Jesus did not say to this church which faced persecution and would suffer, “repent”? Could it be that when you are suffering, prayer and repentance are already the topic of conversation? Jesus said their reward is a crown of life. I ask you my friend, are you willing to pay the price? The SIGN OF THE CHURCH is that those who are members will suffer.

Church at Pergamos:

Revelation 2:12-17 You talk about a church in a tough neighborhood. This is a church which was on Satan’s doorstep (“I know where thou dwellest . . . where Satan’s seat is”). And yet Jesus in verse 13 commends them, noting that “thou holdest fast my name and hast not denied my faith.” We talk a lot about faith and what we would do if we were tested. Here is a church where Antipas, “my faithful martyr,” was slain. This church had faith and held His name. But notice that a false gospel was residing in this church. In fact two groups had come in and were teaching false doctrines: the doctrines of Balaam and of the Nicolaitanes. Now the church at Ephesus had hated the deeds of the Nicolaitanes and uncovered the false apostles. But here we find these false doctrines were permitted in the church. Pergamos was a city of wealth and corruption. Jesus said that Satan’s seat, or his throne, was there. This was a tough place to build a church. How does this speak to us today? If your church gathering is located in an area which is upon Satan’s doorstep, you will have, not might have, the modern Balaams and Nicolaitanes, bringing their false doctrine and a pocket full of money to teach you some NEW gospel that does not line up with the word of God. We pray for you shepherds, that you stand strong. And if false teachings have entered in, REPENT and you will be rewarded with hidden manna and a white stone with a new name (verse 17). This SIGN OF THE CHURCH is that wolves will come in sheep’s clothing. And think about it did they have to first kill a sheep to get the clothes?

Church at Thyatira:

Revelation 2:18-29 This is a church that was very active. Works, and Charity (love) and Service and Faith, and Patience, and more WORKS. Big works at the end. This was a works oriented church. But, they were so busy working at WORKS that they had not used discernment at all, and in one of their teaching programs had allowed a self-made Prophetess to teach. And not only did she teach, she was a teacher of spiritual adultery and caused them to commit spiritual fornication. Jesus gave her time to repent. And she did not. And the most tragic thing is that she will take many with her into her bed of false teaching and man-made feel good doctrines of soulish experiences. Now many of you might say, “not me”, because you don’t let women teach and so that solves the problem. But is it so simple? If it were that easy, so many churches where women are not allowed to speak, teach, or preach would not have this very problem. Yet, they still have teachers (men) who have this perverse and seductive pillow prophet teaching that which causes them to eat things sacrificed to idols. This seductive leading away is not about women teachers compared to men teachers. It is about perverted and ear-tickling teaching. The answer once again is to repent. The SIGN OF THIS CHURCH is perverted teaching, but to him who overcomes, power over nations (2:26).

Church at Sardis:

Revelation 3:1-6 This is a church that had a reputation that they were alive. But Jesus knew they were really nearly dead. And what life they had was fading away. History shows us that the richest man living at that time was Croesus. And he lived and reigned in Sardis. The church was built on the doorstep of wealth and wealth can and usually does influence the preaching in a church. The church that gets caught up in the world, and the cares of this world, will not know when Christ is coming. And, one by one, what the church has will fade away. And all that will remain is a church-shaped coffin, full of dead bodies. But still, there are going to be some (3:4) that will walk with Him in white raiment. These are those whose names will not be blotted out of the book of life (3:5). We do not find faith mentioned to this church. And it may well be that the wealth had replaced the faith. Know, however, that wealth is not the problem. It is the reliance on wealth that becomes the problem. And soon, the wealth controls you, instead of you controlling the wealth. The SIGN OF THIS CHURCH is the question, WHO or WHAT is in control?

Church at Philadelphia:

Revelation 3:7-13 This is a church with an open door. A church that no man can shut down. And Jesus in verse 9 promises “I will make them know that I have loved thee.” This was a church that had little strength. Yet, it had powerful love. Love opens doors that cannot be shut. Gossip, backbiting, strife, and your and my sin is exposed by open doors. You cannot darken a room that has an open door. The world can look in to your church and upon your heart when the door is open. And they will worship and bow down with you when what they can see through that open door is the love of Jesus in you. The church that has an open door has no fear of being labeled a cult. No, all can look in and see its inward parts. The church that is built on the love of GOD may be small or it may be large. Love is not measured in numbers. And we should not expect that the God of yesterday and today, who was not real impressed with David’s numbering the people, is any more impressed today. For the church that is built upon love, Jesus promises (3:12), He will make them pillars holding up the temple of GOD. The SIGN OF THIS CHURCH is up over an open door.

Church at Laodicea:

Revelation 3:14-22 The City of Laodicea had a couple of things going for it. First of all, it was a banking center and second it was also the home of a famous medical school. Today, this city is in complete ruins. Laodicia was the city of people’s rights (“laodicea” means people’s rights “let’s vote on it”). And the church followed along, bending to the way of their surroundings, to the point that no matter how hard they tried, they could not heat up a cold congregation. We might say that with great effort, they maintained about 60 . And Jesus warns, in verse 16, that because of lukewarmness “I will spew thee out of My mouth.” (Now, maybe some in the lukewarm church will mistake this for the rapture, and will wonder why they only got to the front sidewalk, and wonder why they smell so bad.) But for those who refuse to follow any doctrine which explains away Jesus’ words (I Timothy 6:3), the call is to be zealous and to be different than the church of Laodicea. Let us today refuse to be the church of relative righteousness, refusing to be comforted because we believe we are more righteous than our relatives, and friends, and other churches, comparing ourselves to others, but not comparing ourselves to the righteousness which the word of God establishes as the standard. Let us not join the ranks of those who will be told by Jesus that they are wretched and miserable and poor, and blind and naked (3:17). Well so much for comparative theology. Jesus tells them that they need His gold and His clothing and His eyesalve that they can see. Folks, it is not by accident that we are compared to the Laodicean church today. We put our faith in the medical community and the banking institutions and VISA and Master charge and all the other neat banking things. In verse 20, we find Jesus standing at the door and knocking, while the church is forming a committee to elect someone to open the door. He tells this church to repent and overcome and sit with Him in His throne. THE SIGN OF THIS CHURCH is that we have always done it this way, and we will continue to do it this way because everyone says that we are okay and most of all, it’s comfortable.

Be an Overcomer

When we look at the seven churches, we can choose to see seven church ages, with six of them past. But, instead, we can open our eyes and ears and hearts, and look to see if we find a noticeable reflection of our own lives. I would pray that you would go to the word, to the book of Revelation, and let GOD speak to you about where you are with Him, revealing to you if you are in one of these churches, and make sure you are an overcomer with Him. Now if we have considered seriously the seven letters which Jesus wrote to His church, we might discover that many of the things which are creeping into the church are worldly ways and adulterous practices disguised as fun and amusement. Consider the following practices which the church is fast grabbing hold of practices commonplace in the world, but that are not of God. Do These Belong in the Church?

Harlequin: Definition: Name of a devil, or troop of demons, a comic pantomime character, usually masked, dressed in colored tights and bearing a wooden sword or magic wand; a buffoon.

Buffoon: Definition: Jester, one who makes a practice of amusing others by tricks, odd gestures and postures, jokes, etc.; a clown; a jester; hence one given to undignified joking.

Clown: Definition: a clumsy boorish fellow; a jester; joker; buffoon; to act in jesting or grotesque manner, as a clown. Magician: Definition: one skilled in magic; an entertainer performing tricks of illusion and deception; an enchanter.

Magic: Definition: pertaining to sorcery, the art of producing effects by seemingly superhuman control over the powers of nature; sorcery; enchantment; any power or influence that proves irresistible or extraordinary; the use of legerdemain to create illusions or perform tricks.

Legerdemain: Definition: slight of hand; a deceptive performance which depends on dexterity of hand, usually magic or juggling; trickery; deception.

Legerdemainist: Definition: one who practices sleight of hand; a juggler or magician.

Society may try to change the name for us, but the church must continue to recognize these practices as witchcraft and an abomination to our Lord: “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.” (Deuteronomy 18:10-12). “But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints; Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.” (Ephesians 5:3-4) We are not to learn the ways of the world (Jeremiah 10:1) or to love the ways of the world or the things in the world. “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.” (I John 2:15-16). Just remember we are in this society but not of it. Jesus prayed to the Father for His disciples and for each of us: “I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” (John 17:15-16). You can search through the Bible and you will not find a Christian clown, magician or deceptionist. Yet, we are letting them into the church and into our lives, under the guise of innocent fun. There is nothing innocent about Satan. We are deceiving our children and ourselves if we look at these things as innocent fun. God says we are to be a separate, holy people unto Him. We are not to take part in the customs and traditions of the heathens. We cannot allow these abominations to pollute our ways. Changing the name does not cut it, witchcraft is still witchcraft and we remain accountable to God for things we allow. “Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, if ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:31-32)

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