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Home » Gear Reviews » Fishing » Fly Rods » Specialty Fly Rods » Orvis Superfine Touch. He is based in the Pacific Northwest. Full flex design allows to very soft presentation, Stiffer near-grip lower butt section helps bring in larger, hard-fighting fish, Easy to achieve accurate casts at mid-range (up to 35–40 feet), Not suitable for anything but shorter, gentle casts. The control is quickly compromised, however, when you tie on a large, heavy dry, or a weighted nymph rig. We definitely support him on that decision... An opportunity to protect the Blackfoot River, the iconic Montana river featured in "A River Runs Through It", and several of its tributaries has been reintroduced by Sen. Jon Tester... Spring in Montana can provide some of the best fly-fishing this wonderful state has to offer. The Gallatin has been fishing well recently. The Superfine Glass 2-Weight 6'6" Fly Rod was made for primeval woods and cold mountain streams—small streams and native brook trout. Also, if you are looking for a rod that will gently present nearly any rig, glass is definitely a good answer. I want to try the Orvis Superfine 5 wt, as I gather it is of Medium-Fastish action, and that action suits my casting stroke usually. Fighting even this little fish, you will find your rod bending deep into the butt section. Looking for a quick introduction to fly fishing or only have a few hours to get out on the water with one of our fly fishing guides? Still, the Phillipson's tip is too heavy for most small stream work (it was designed to fish at longer distances), so while I love my 8' Phillipson, I was forced to admit the Orvis Superfine's light tip cast more accurately at small stream ranges. The Superfine® Glass throws dry flies with a balanced touch and will even sling streamers when necessary. ... Perhaps that is the best way to think about the superfine carbon: it is faster than glass but slower than all the new-fangled ultra-distance rods that everyone seems to love. Each time they are published, then removed after a 5-10 days. I build bamboo rods and still can’t find cork that’s as good as what Orvis has on the Recon and H3. Orvis 5 weight Superfine Glass fly rod review I’ve had the opportunity to cast and fish the Orvis Superfine glass rods for a couple of years now and can honestly say these are among my favorite rods for Bluegills, smaller Bass and Trout of all sizes. We tested the 8-foot, 4-weight version. Post subject: Orvis 8'6" 6wt Superfine Glass Review. This stretch typically remains ice-free and is home to a lot of trout. Along with just being good hearty fun the Superfine Glass is hard to break, aside from slamming it in a door. € 559,00. Both cast really well in close with a nice presentation. Bozeman, MT 59718, Orvis rods on Fins & Feathers' online store. Guide Service Outfitter Glass fly rods are historic and provide a feel that is difficult to match with any newer rod technology. The Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 4wt Fly Rod is one smooth criminal. Orvis Superfine “Trout Bum” 804-4 Fly Rod Review So I have now used my Orvis Troutbum 8 foot 4 weight for the best part of a season – I had been looking for a nice four weight for lazy days on the Kelvin as well as something for low water conditions on the Clyde. Ideal for making short casts in a small stream it can be used to trick a snobby rising brown or finicky carp. The Mo' has been nymphing well as long as the wind doesn't become too intrusive. Orvis Superfine Touch fly rod review The Orvis Superfine Touch is a beautifully made full flex fly rod, ideal for delicately presenting dry flies for river trout. Get ready to change the way you feel. Master Guide: Joined: 08/10/15 Posts: 367 Location: US-NJ: Had a chance last week to finally get my hands on the new Orvis glass 8'6" 6wt rod. Just don’t try using this rod for anything other than that precision dry fly work—its full-flex design and slow-action taper means it can’t handle heavier flies such as big grasshoppers or weighted nymph rigs. Orvis Hydros Superfine Fly Line is the perfect technical precision line for trout and is specifically designed for the Superfine Carbon and Superfine Glass fly rods. 406.586.2188, Four Corners: The rich burgundy wraps on the deep grey/green rod blanks offer a clean, dignified look suitable for the majesty of small mountain streams, or the historic nobility of English chalk streams. Orvis lines can be broken down into 4 product lines: Clearwater, Access, Hydros, and Hydros HD. Located in Bozeman, Montana since 2000, our fly shop has a complete selection of fly fishing gear and accessories for your next fly fishing adventure. After a long period of testing, tweaking, and tuning, Orvis has finally released the Superfine Glass, rolled and assembled at the Orvis rod shop in Manchester, Vermont, and priced under $400. Year round guided fly fishing trips in Bozeman are also offered. I have a Superfine Touch 6'6" 3wt that has the same blank as the Carbon, and a 7'6" Superfine Glass. Purchase Orvis Superfine Glass 866-3 Fly Rod Outfit : 8'6" 6wt ON SALE! I've had numerous 3wts, including the superfine Orvis, and I have no doubt that I'd buy the glass version. Orvis Superfine Glass 7' 3wt Full Flex: This is my favorite Orvis rod. In the right conditions, whether fishing a small creek with a 3 weight or casting for larger trout on the Madison, these rods are exceptionally sporty. The one exception to that being that the Touch can be effective used to drift small unweighted nymphs under featherweight (yarn) indicators. Do not trust reviews on orvis website. But don't be fooled by its mild manners, it has the backbone to land feisty-slurping browns, finicky carp, and even bonefish. The upper Madison around $3 bridge is a good area to fish during the Winter. I took the 3, 4, and 6wt Orvis Superfine Glass for a ride this past June at Gates Lodge in Michigan, and I loved them all. It's now been replaced by the new Orvis Superfine Carbon and sits alongside the new Superfine Glass, for those who … General fit, finish, and feel This complete outfit includes the Orvis Superfine Glass Fly Rod, Orvis Battenkill Reel, Orvis Hydros Superfine WF Fly Line, fiberglass rod tube, and is shipped properly rigged and ready to fish with backing and tapered leader from The Touch is my really small water rod, but I have hooked into a 20 inch Rainbow with it, and it managed just fine. The rods offered on The List are fly rods of high quality spanning all eras of manufacture - from early Leonard and Thomas bamboo rods, through the pinnacle of fiberglass and graphite, to today's custom makers working with all blank materials. Trout anglers speak about the Superfine glass rods as if they’re only made for their pleasure. Orvis Superfine Glass Trout Bum 3 Weight For Sale And Pasta With Marinara Sauce Glass Of Wine Sals GET Orvis Superfine Glass Trout Bum 3 Weight For Sale And Pas I've sold several already, and everybody seems happy with them, so far. 1.877.790.5303 The Missouri River is formed with the confluence of the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers near Three Forks, Montana. Local: FREE Shipping when you order through CrossCurrents Fly Shop. This little gem has all the feel and delicacy of presentation that I expect in a great fiberglass rod, and something I didn’t. Please note that the reel seat on this one-ounce. Fish are still eating streamers but the bite has slowed compared to the last month or so. and it's really neat how they showed these fly rods from the fabric being rolled on the mandrels to finished fly rods flexing on the water. The Yellowstone River is looking pretty slushy and icy in the good winter fishing water. The Orvis SuperFine Touch masters the art of presenting small dry flies to finicky surface feeding fish. UPDATED May 13, 2020. Let me first start by saying that the craftsman ship of this rod is excellent, especially for it's price point. After a several-decade hiatus from fiberglass, Orvis has come back into the glass game. Cold water flowing over big boulders and into deep pools. Fiberglass rods are generally heavier and slower action than any graphite rod on the market. Glass fly rods are historic and provide a feel that is difficult to match with any newer rod technology. I think that’s a big mistake. And it doesn't always mean bamboo. Clearwater and Access lines are 'entry level' and priced to be accessible to the beginning angler. When fishing for the very spooky trout of Oregon’s Metolius River, we could easily lay small midges 35–40 feet upstream without creating a ripple over the fish. Rod designer Shawn Combs at Orvis started the process several years ago. I took the 3, 4, and 6wt Orvis Superfine Glass for a ride this past June at Gates Lodge in Michigan, and I loved them all. Shop all Orvis rods on Fins & Feathers' online store. The 8' 4wt is the classic small stream fly rod. With all of this being said, fishing a glass rod is really really fun. The Yellowstone River is the quintessential large western river and provides a unique Montana fly fishing opportunity with over 100 miles of quality, wild trout water. Customer Reviews ( 0 ) Write A Review; $627.00 $582.00 Silky water that slowly meanders its way through a valley floor lined with the Willows and hundred-year-old Cottonwood trees... Our Bozeman fly shop is best described as the “fish-head” shop as all of us spend most of our free time on the water, doing what we love to do... Fins & Feathers is a locally-owned and operated Montana fly fishing outfitter located in Bozeman, Montana. While only 10% of the blank is graphite, its efficacy in creating a glass rod with more torsional stability is profoundly evident when casting the Sirrus Glass alongside other rods like the new Fenwick Fenglass or the Orvis Superfine Glass series. The Superfine Glass fly rod was voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine. Reviews (0) Tags (0) De Superfine Glass van Orvis is uitgerust met glasvezel en daardoor extreem zacht. That's what glass rods are all about and our Superfine Glass 8' 6" 6-weight defines how a fine glass rod should behave. The spring creeks are always a good idea during the winter on account of the weather. Post subject: Orvis Superfine Glass 805 Review *video* Posted: 26 Dec 2013, 23:40 • #1 . I'm considering it as "to go" rod for targeting small streams , but I also think about Redington Butter stick or Orvis Superfine glass series. The upper Madison River is perhaps the most famous and highly regarded wild trout stream in the Western US. Today, Orvis lines are made by Scientific Anglers (which is also owned by Orvis). Here are some common questions we hear, time and time again, from prospective guests during the booking process. Do not trust reviews on orvis website. It also offers the versatility to be an effective nymphing rod when the need arises. Let me first start by saying that the craftsman ship of this rod is excellent, especially for it's price point. SKU: 2EGH9353 Orvis Superfine Glass 866-3 Fly Rod Outfit : 8'6" 6wt ON SALE! This year, like last Toby embraced the idea of giving us an extra day off to spend with our friends or family outside. About a week ago the TFM Orvis Superfine Glass 805-3 arrived at my door. 81801 Gallatin Rd. The wonderfully forgiving nature and pace of fiberglass in a delicate little rod that every lover of small quicksilver streams that course through the mountain laurel and hemlock will want in their hand. Proudly made in Manchester, VT. This rod is soulful to cast and makes catching all fish fun. The Element is located a block off Main Street in historic downtown Bozeman. Posted: 23 May 2016, 14:01 • #1 . In the world of big spooky fish, where delicate touch is key, our glass 6-weight excels. Orvis Superfine Glass 5wt 8'0" Fly Rod The Orvis Superfine Glass Fly Rods series features a new and improved fiberglass blank construction designed ... more to deliver flies at close range with the traditional feel. The 2.1-ounce rod and slim reverse half-wells grips feels light and comfortable in hand. The weather around Craig has been... YNP fishing season is now closed for the season. I ended up taking the 4wt home, but it was a hard choice between the 4 and 3wt. The Superfine® Glass throws dry flies with a balanced touch and will even sling streamers when necessary. Slow down. Check out our Montana fly fishing reports, to learn more about the current condition from some Southwest Montana rivers and streams. In addition to the well-known Montana fly fishing waters that surround Bozeman, there are dozens of smaller streams and rivers that are rarely talked about, yet offer some amazing... DePuy’s Spring Creek is the classic, western spring creek. The new Recon features some gorgeous cork that I’m certain Orvis procures through a deal with the devil. Glass is more difficult to cast in the wind and provides more of a challenge when casting larger flies.

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