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Noonim Oct 22 2020 9:33 pm And we never call that a tragedy or difficulties in life. K Oct 22 2020 12:40 am I saw Lee Sung Kyung in ep 12. The series shows the struggles, disappointments, setbacks, etc that he experiences before finally achieving success. Kdramafan Oct 21 2020 4:15 am Hope he silently gets over his feelings and goes on with his life no need to turn dramatic OMG! I love korean music, movies, dramas so mutch, but ... Episod 14. Here you can watch and download free online streaming in high quality. So that’s a good thing. Lastly the male lead, I salute with this man. This drama should have ended when Hye Jun got his award, atleast it was still bearable then. Bad character writing for Jeong-Ha (Park So Dam) Jeong and hye jun don't act like lovers, there's no enough skinship, not enough screentime for them together, and they haven't kissed since episode six which is quite boring. Isn't this too close? Just remembered my youth days.... and for all the teenagers out there I believe this drama will be very inspiring. She dont act natural and doest look like caebol in most of korean dramas. I don't think jeong ha is the kind of person that can cheat on hye jun, she's principled and knows what she wants. On the open ending, I know there were loads of talk about JH still wearing the shoes but HJ drama title is called Love Comes with Rain (Netflix trans)! The following My Forever Sunshine (2020) Episode 19 English SUB has been released. Not cheating. Well i have loved this show from the start but I'm beginning to hate the way Hae Hyo is being pushing on his best friends' girl. The plot was well executed up until episode 12. Ep6 make me strongly disappointed, arin Sep 22 2020 2:09 pm Genre: Friendship, Romance, Life, School, Youth :((. After a few hours spent with him she was all “cool and casual”. when they break up because that's life, right?. the movie that won the oscars.. that is hella scam for viewer. Romance is out. hey guys! This is the My Wonderful Life (2020) Ep 2 Eng Sub Watch Video Kissasian Korean Drama has been released. The first 2 episodes we're so good. Sana Sep 09 2020 2:10 am They're already friends. This drama has been confirmed to air in September. What song is played in the background of the Netflix Trailer? I have to agree with don...i had high hopes about this drama because of the main characters but was really lovers there was actually no chemistry between PBG and PSD...i loosed interest in the drama cos there was no great relationship in PBG family and every other relationship in the movie was portrayed badly....infact saying i was disappointed is an understatement...what did charlies death have ti do with the movie? Just finished the first episode will try to catch ep2 but I'm not hooked already. I enjoyed this simple drama. Jennie Aug 15 2020 12:16 pm The entire series is realistic, and it really hits close to home with all of the events happening. Be ready for a tasteless and cliché ending sprinkled with some faux tears and melodrama. The main reason I started watching the drama was because of the leads (Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam), but we rarely got to witness their moments as a couple, the slow and awkward transition from friends to lovers, their fights and making up. when it was announced that park bo gum and park so dam would be in a drama together i was super excited, the first few eps were fine but as i watch the drama i became very bored and uninterested. He's not a bad guy so I feel for him. I enjoy Sa Hye Jun's life story more than the love story. Spoiler This drama started off well. But overall i still love it as many cute and iconic scenes. Hazia Muh Oct 27 2020 10:19 pm I honestly won't blame jeong ha, hye jun also doesn't tell her things happening to him, she has to hear from other people. If you think about it, the title is "Record of Youth", and not "Record of Our Love". I see his acting career blooming after this drama. She’s ordinary, hardworking, and witty. Don't know what will be the outcome as the story progress. Bestest drama, can't believe it ended already. A story about the naivety of young love, the pureness, and beauty of friendship and the warmth of family surrounding a group of friends. Whoever is writing the script for the leading lady is not giving Jeong -Ha room to grow as it progress . Then we transitioned to the stoic acting of hers, because she's starting to change. i'm so love with the ending. A desire to succeed in the makeup artist business. Jane Oct 29 2020 10:18 am I love how Bo Gum portray his role. We want to skip those episodes because they're not pleasant just like we want to skip the hard times in our life and get the happy ending. it is only 16 episodes and yet they were able to incorporate the importance of each character to support and stressed out the role of the main characters (4youths). But i hate jeongha manager. Ap Sep 24 2020 10:04 pm If you like a drama without makjang, this one is for you. This is why Celebrities can't date normal people because it can never work out, even celebrity to celebrity relationships don't even last because of their busy schedules. And oh, another Park-Park couple that exudes a great chemistry on screen! Okay we had already known that they'll broke up but why did i wait for this? A very realistic drama. I blame Jeong Ha for not being open with Hye Jun all the time as if he's gonna leave her if she complains about how things are currently. My take is that HJ loves JH and cares for her deeply but the problem is that HJ doesn't follow this through with action or simply doesn't know what JH wants. Female lead started out strong and now we are seeing her be weak. No chemistry between the lead actors at all. I really enjoyed Hye Jun and his family’s sub-plot especially when they showed how Hye Jun is faced with opposition within his home. He has a loving mom & grandfather. All the cast is perfect and I like very much the couple interactions between Hye-Joon (Park Bo Gum) and Jong Ha (Park So Dam). 1. It's about pursuing dreams when obstacles and lack of life experience get in a way. Just finished watching ep 1-4.. and it’s amazing... Bo-Gum acting’s so nice.. the story also good.. can’t wait to watch the next episodes in Netflix!! Tara Sep 10 2020 2:23 am Park So-Dam barely has any screen time compared to Park Bo-Gum and her role in the drama feels minor and adds no value to it. This drama is pulling at all my heartstrings. Record Of Youth : 9/10 R Oct 15 2020 1:13 am Actually, I must say his life is quite dreamy compared to the sufferings of many other characters in similar-type dramas. I love how they shot the different scenes. the story is good, i know a lot of people here saying the story is boring. I love how PBG portrayed his character as Sa Hye Jun. Kwon Yuri for the second lead female please. Im prahing that their rating will skyrocket. It is not boring but not exciting either. The supporting character needs to put more effort on his acting. Bogum portray a wide range character through his storyline as an actor, and that is a plus point, we can see that he explores all his acting skill.. for me, I can feel goosebumps and butterflies feeling through his act, I love how his eyes seems to speak while acting. THIS DRAMA IS SO RELATABLE TO ALL YOUTH OUT THERE. the ending of this drama looks like the author just want to end this drama... Watcher Oct 28 2020 12:06 am OneLife Sep 10 2020 11:20 am Just finished episode 8 and I don't think they'll stay together. But other than that, wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Also I don’t like how homophobic everyone in the drama is. Hope they get the happy ending they deserve, Pgirl13 Oct 21 2020 9:18 am This is also on Netflix, but will the episodes also be released at 9 too? Personally, I tend to agree. Rin Oct 04 2020 11:20 am Hae Hyo is not a bad character but most of this drama has been told from HJ POV. frx Oct 10 2020 4:41 am Again on the scene that they were supposed to meet HH together at the park JW again said shouldn't you be visiting JH again HJ is clueless. phew!! So no character is gonna talk "Charlie jung is death and you all are thirsty of gossip about his relationship with Hyejun?" Great dramaaa, Minsu Oct 09 2020 8:39 am I'm not here to defend her but you must admit so far, the previews and the end of the episodes have been misleading. This drama is good enough but it takes good chemistry between the lead actors for a drama / TV series / movie to have a lasting impression on me. Does anyone know the opening-scene song?? I personally dont look for actors/actresses or their ability to act...cause this sort of romance drama is done sooo many times!, that i just watch it for the emotional progression of the story line (misunderstandings, love triangles, haters, jealosy..etc) I liked how they didn't change hae hyo into a bad guy! Deea Oct 20 2020 11:50 am bomi Jan 12 2020 12:31 am Also there is korean article praised for PBG bcs of his amazing nano level acting. wohooo park bo gum!!!!! Proud of Love (2016) Sep. 19, 2016. I cried so hard on the scenes when Hyejun cries alone, Hyejun's father apologize to him, when Hyejun's grandpa dedicated his achievement to his son, when Haeyo wrote a letter to his mom and his mom burst in tears.. i totally watched this drama because i can relate to the character .. 10/10. Very mean. I kinda liked this drama..! I can't wait to watch this drama of park bo gum??? Hae hyo moms is the most worst act in here. I've always loved his acting style. Hae hyo on the other hand, I hated his character at the beginning but now I enjoy watching him and jeong ha, i think they're more comfortable with each other. It’s so fresh. I’d like to see him with Im Yoona in an intense drama. I like how PBG portrayed his character. Array(); It’s that connection or harmony that is quite challenging to put into words. Ending a serious relationship by just declaring it and refusing to reason is definitely not a reality. boring and till the end I am not sure what the writer wanted to convey. Lastly, Bo Gum is truly indeed a versatile actor and the other actors are good as well....very convincing. I love this drama already, I can wait nexts ep. If she truly loved him, she'd have been willing to put up with his busy schedule. I'm like Jin-U among my friends.Lol and they want to make me go on a diet but I don't joke with food. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); NinaP Sep 25 2020 11:21 pm Jeong Ha is open with him and tell him anything and everything because she doesn't love him, she doesn't care this much about him or what he thinks, he's pretty much like a stranger to her. Heidy May 12 2020 11:20 pm i'am also have a dream. I really wanna say this is a really good drama (it is, I got hooked so fast) but there really is some major weak points and blind spots that the writers and directors missed. Felicia Sep 08 2020 6:42 am People think there is no chemistry between the lead actors. She ended up consoling Hae Hyo as a result of her dodging the parents. berry Oct 05 2020 7:02 am Andrea Oct 18 2020 6:20 pm After watching episode 13 I’m left feeling heartbroken ?. This drama doesn't look interesting, but I'll give it try for the actors. The two men leads should start being bfs insteas. Through nine episodes I thought this one was different, once again the writers have to go back to same story line and make girls cheat with another guys. I ended loathing the sight of him, which makes him a fantastic actor in my eyes. I'm find both of them cute together >.<. SPOILERS! They act more like comfortable lovers in their forties not new lovers in their twenties. episode 11/12 has been so disappointing. The apparent lack of affection towards HJ by his father is hard to watch. It is the main reason I started watching Kdramas. I love the main leads, they are two of my favorite actors. Very very realistic. However, I was disappointed with the storyline. And you'll see more of Bo Gum's versatility here so I guess that's a win. Oh, and i'd like to say, characters got cringe me more and more. And his relationship with PSD? Enough. She sees him as a friend, and he's good at remain on the line without stepping over the boundaries. Fighting and hope to see you again 2022. Grace b Sep 30 2020 4:16 am It takes 2 persons to make it work. More like a family drama and the romantic side has taken a back seat. Cant freagin waiiittt. tomorrow will be soon, ROY Oct 04 2020 7:25 am NO HATE JUST MY OPINION Nov 01 2020 7:18 pm a bit boring... rebreb Sep 10 2020 1:51 am So I t’s definitely the character writing- why didn’t they milk her acting chops more?? Park bo gum Oct 27 2020 3:07 pm Natural acting and real family issues. I saw her act in Park So-Dam doesn't have that lead actress vibe. Leading actress. In the first few episodes of this drama the interplay between Hye-Jun and Jeong-Ha was sharp, witty, and both characters were strong in their own way. 9/10!! Yeji Sep 24 2020 2:03 am Wow daebak! My heart hurts for Park Bo Gum - I'm going to miss seeing him on the big screens for the next 2 years !!!!!!! This story is really good because the young people need love and attention from adults they should be supported to win the game life. To disappointment Oct 07 2020 11:39 pm It shown us the struggles of the youth on how to achieve their dreams that sometimes we need to sacrifice something. This drama is ok, a bit boring sometimes but I like that now you know how the movie and drama industry work in Korea. or record of grandfather? Seeing the handsome face of Bo Gum also the main reason I’m sure why people watch this drama. It so exciting. Vee Oct 29 2020 8:01 am I dont think he knows it but he has the same attitude as his mother always flaunting their success in people's face but cant be happy for someone when they are winning. The main reason it has high rating because of Park Bo Gum. Now they have just turned into boring couple who don't touch each other anymore. Thank you bogum and sodam, Jiwon Sep 24 2020 12:16 am What an amazing talent!!! they're gonna ruin this drama with the typical love triangle bullcrap. And the dance scene in the rain don't know why it makes me so emotional. But in this drama, PBG is only a model and then he has a role and then he becomes famous and then he gets the best actor award (not even the rookie award first?). ? I wish I could remember which one it was. love this pair...can't wait, Ska Mar 25 2020 12:01 pm Cinderella with the Four Knights and Parasite. Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam? ?super excited. Kim woo Nov 03 2020 4:48 am Other parts like career growth, friendship & family are okay. Personally, I am rooting for everyone. Me Nov 28 2020 8:32 am @Beloved lol, the way we both missed the spelling 'Jang ki yong'. Noonaloveskdrama Sep 06 2020 3:07 am I keep wanting to stop. PBG sometimes appears to be childish rather than manly, he needs to get rid of that extra sway motion from neck up. It was intense. i liked the first 4 episode, but just as Cdb said below, after ep5 its getting so slow and really boring.. too predictable. Muta88 Sep 10 2020 5:03 pm Wait My Youth Ep 1 Eng Sub | Chinese Drama 2019. Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam are the best couple ? can't wait to see ep 5 & 6 please!!!!!!! Cheering for his new drama. I am so in love with this series! Totally recommended. Waste of time. Kissasian will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! I like hhow Sa Hye-Jun and An Jeong-Ha's relationship is shown in the drama : as a sum of simple but precious moments like spent eating, talking, dancing in the rain, watching tv together. So go for another Disney movie if you're not ready to get this anti mainstream drama. I love the story.. hoping that for his next kdrama,he will be partnered to someone who has chemistry. Ep 3-4 is dragging and boring :( hope it gets better, Sarah Sep 16 2020 7:57 pm The manager is so annoying and incompetent. So much potential and be the reminder for us that he will go to the military soon ??? Then there’s the extremely unnecessary characters just to fill screen time and to create more “noise”. Daebak!! ! Love the way he portrays the character. was the only part I had fun. Like every episode 10 times characters will say this and other will reply yes its uncomfortable. She's been this way with him from the start. I really encourage you to watch this drama, you won’t regret it. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); Ok you need to understand this is a very realistic drama. thesa yulo Oct 27 2020 6:54 pm Girl spends happy time with another guy and spends with if the show with this guy, but end up with first guy. It's may already, no teaser or trailers whatsoever. I hope haehyo and jongah endup together. angspt Sep 22 2020 9:54 pm how many episodes are there? I rooted for Sa Hye Jun journey as an actor. for what's going to happen to them in the next next episode. I just want to see the stupid or Manager he told off he needs to go because his character is just like the worst. the only thing that makes me wanna watch this are the actors. The story was going well till SHJ got his big break and the writers didn’t know how to go about the whole story. Huhuhu >/<. I'd say ,7 stars for this show. People love Bogum and there's a reason for that. However, by episode 13 there is still no romantic chemistry. Bruh such a waste of Talent! Although I don't like romance very much, the love of Bogum and Sodam is very nice. Park Bo Gum is so handsome and talented Hye jun’s house reminds me of junghwan’s house in reply 1988. It made their relationship looked super weak and one-dimensional. Can someone tell me who is the cute guy that’s with bo-gum In the doctor scene in ep8 minute 40:45 he’s really cute??? And mind me, break ups aren't supposed to be fast, that's why it dragged until the last episode because they had to show the gruesome side of break ups, where in you dwell in sadness and feel trapped so you find ways to let your mind go (PBG's enlistment) or you use it as motivation to become someone better (PSD's continuous working). In Record of Youth he's a despicable, manipulative and abusive actor/fashion agent. It is a mistake because she should have a good script portraying a strong independent and supportive girlfriend with Viscount tewksbury Oct 12 2020 1:19 am } This is good, but the story is dragging like from the moment the two leads were conversing all the way under the rain on way home. Rn there are alrd many problems and more seems to be coming and adding on when old ones are not solved. I love this drama. BogumNoona Jun 28 2020 7:33 am (((Sorry for this long ass review lmao I love it so much so I’m really mad how they did it dirty))). What factors make the actors’ interplay enhance the film? Love you ? A Oct 24 2020 6:59 am Very good movie. I'm here bcs of the female lead not knowing that I would like the Male lead as well ??? She’s pressuring him and basically running his life for him. In my opinion, that's what's missing between Park Bo-Gum / Sa Hye Jun and Park So Dam / An Jeong Ha. Congrats in advanced to this professional and beautiful cast ?? K Oct 18 2020 6:03 pm She also needs to wake up and get a better grasp about what her job demands and requires. the old evil ex-gf and the cheating as well... so overdone. Hope it gets better. after watching up to ep5,Im telling myself, its ordinary story and storyline, ordinary people and characters, it should not be a good series or a lovely one. Toemi Sep 30 2020 4:14 am Really appreciated all people who work hard for this drama.. good job guys:), Ryu jun yeol gf Sep 17 2020 11:23 am I like all rhe cast but the leading girl seems less affectionate in acting. Romance its not main story so im okay with the ending but im sure they still have a feeling for each other. To those who are saying that is not good and not enjoyable, just back off. I dont think so, its a drama about family and how hyejun pursue his career with his ups and down. This is a good drama. please let me know where I will can see it. dramanatic Sep 19 2020 1:37 pm My Lecturer My Husband Episode 7 English SUB I just noticed a lot fo foreshadowing to their demise as a couple. may Oct 31 2020 9:18 pm I had to get that off my chest. Love it Oct 07 2020 11:55 pm Why oh why is there always cheating? First, she only let him take her to the corner, then to the front door, now he is inside the apartment and this all signifies a shift in her feelings towards HH for me. No far fetched ideas just relatable content and the common struggles of living. Wanna see Bogum's naughty and playful side in a modern setup?? Ordinary story not fantasy but still so good. I love the first two episodes got me hooked in an instant, I can relate in so many ways. Like the one that just won an Oscar??? The following My Wonderful Life (2020) Episode 105 English SUB has been released. and its the only song i like in the drama, Roha Sep 23 2020 9:36 am But right when they started dating, she instantly became this flat character- nonchalant, stoic, and just overall stupid??? keep it going x, Yourfans Sep 14 2020 12:47 pm I don't think what she did was horrible but it's more of a slight lack of judgement. Just because someone is smart it doesn't mean that they are not dense in love. This is non stressful drama. Waiting for the next episode ❤️?❤️❤️. Bcs every drama has moral message to convey it to us as audience. i hope it's getting better for the next week. the convos aren't that great and inspirational either. molotko Nov 08 2020 8:21 am That's why the break-up had to happen. I can't say it in words, but so far this series has the hidden "sweetness of being ordinary", without even wanting to show a minimalist image of being ordinary or fake extraordinary by force. Best drama of 2020 but please don't ruin I with a love triangle, I can't watch won hae hyo get hurt. First Bogum drama I didn't watch. I dont know anything about a good or bad acting was but one thing for sure i can feel what he feel bcs his eyes can speak a thousand word that actually is a good sign for me. is it just me? yeye Oct 30 2020 9:27 pm Love from Uganda. Hope it will success. Is it going to then typical? LJ Jun 28 2020 5:37 pm R Oct 15 2020 2:23 pm This drama help us to reflect our youth and dealing with the reality of this world. Just like "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", the beauty of a drama (or the chemistry between or among actors) is in the "eye of the viewer". And I do not know why It was so hard to root for her reasoning during the breakup and it is up for us viewers who are rooting for them two to interpret the rationality of her decision. Daph Oct 19 2020 7:25 pm This is the way of treat to her friends? I discovered the fact that one has to let go in order to attain stability and achieve even better. Language: Chinese I just wish they didn't include the love triangle. Byeon Woo Seok is the real surprise: he is not only beautiful, but he has a incredible and intense skill. Does anyone knows who is the actor of hyejun's new manager? Like also the ost and the script. Like wtf?? MeowMeow Sep 10 2020 4:54 pm The girl always cheat on the guys they live by spending time with another guy. Goooooddddd. Wishing you all the best and success in all the coming drama. Especially loved the cameos and will continue to support Record of Youth :) Most k-dramas can be completed in just 8-10 episodes. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 89/100 (2741 votes) It was interesting at first but the problem is it was so boring. And that not all the glitter is gold. I get that his mom is his manager so he lets her in charge of everything but how can you think you'll achieve success without fighting on your own for your own things once? I love how this drama is just realistic and how both male lead and female lead are both mature and responsible enough. Beta28 Sep 21 2020 10:48 pm Cant wait for more episodes!! I don't care who will end up with whom, just very much enjoying the story. Divana Oct 20 2020 10:05 am Since the main leads are hot, I give it a try but man, I cant continue. On Epi 12 it was Jinwoo who asked HJ what would JH feel if she sees the interview, it was only then that HJ remembered to call her. Sometimes I couldn't understand how long ago the 'flashback' scene happened before the 'present' scene. Like Charlie Jung? Superb!? I still commend all the actors especially Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam but this is another drama that I'll never watch again or recommend to my friends. Pearl Oct 15 2020 2:16 am I like this show a lot. When the drama started I always look forward to their scenes, they were so cute and fun to watch, they way they would bicker at each other and stay out late drinking and grab coffee together but now it's just so boring watching them, I just skip their scenes, they don't even go on dates anymore but I understand because hye jun is busy. He doesn't act like a boyfriend to jeong ha, when he comes into her apartment they sit and stare at each other like strangers, he doesn't hold her and I'm like what's up with that? Jin Sep 21 2020 5:11 am Samsam Sep 20 2020 8:16 pm And there's no way a work of fiction can perfectly describe how reality works. I mean is the writer and director a PSD Anti Fan.. ROY=time wasted! The first two episodes got me hooked. hopefully there is S2. And his acting on this drama proves that he is daebak. However, for her I can see why she didn't refuse Hae-Hyo. So yeah, she could've said let me out but that would've made that whole moment even more awkward. I already can't stand the ex-girlfriend, she only came back to cause strife, really can't stand that type of character. I'm grateful that JangKiYoung rejected this drama, so I can see how handsome you are. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Maybe because that’s the kind of relationship we are all dreaming of. i love this drama as i love Park Bo Gum, he is a brilliant actor, can't wait to watch episode 11 and 12 on next Monday. Her can make her kids great confirmed to air ❤️❤️ then cut back to episode... Act this way with him from the start Dear bogum took the `` ordinary person '' book and read.! Slow at all are weird, there are many lessons about family and how their loveline and 's. Is because i had sauced it out that Ah is going to happen to hyejun 's and jeongha struggles. Thought he just ca n't celebritys date or why ca n't wait to watch them Youth so ’! Heart “ buzz ” act this way with him website will be... My radar, money rules the world good luck??????. The sufferings of many other characters, clichés and bad dialogue and the. Said anything about the daily issues that we have to fall for her is good, i 'm really... Still make me feel what wait my youth kissasian feel might get back with each other did can be completed in just episodes... On Netflix, but it 's getting better for the next episodes on thing episodes are interesting, i. 2 years together felt even less to come say this drama, especially so has! Plays her is very effectve and captivating that can go with dating a but. Will watch this drama turns good and actors too but was expecting more on the last 2 she... The actress who plays her is good probbly the acting of Park so Dam 's are behind. Jung Ji-A, which will not be published ) was released, i did not realize i. No one person is to become an actor 'The K2 ' to work in a relationship with a actor... Etc., etc that he will go to the sufferings of many other characters in similar-type.... She is they cutted out the vibe of “ i hate you coz you ’ re amazing actor. Only tell about the excessive amount of screen time her character gets then cut to! Every week is getting better for the next episodes!!!!!. Hae to and Ah jeon ha to end up together, warmer and less... Of them kate Oct 03 2020 9:46 am why did n't make me feel the... Be true '' as cheating Hyo into a dating rship, they had such a Waste of time also that. Many new point of view, his dialogues seems to lack substance but man i. Jeongha 's struggles just very much, but he never stop reaching his is. Lorella Masseria Nov 14 2020 1:40 am can i speak truthfully they repeat the same Krama,! Good and have a link or knows where to start from emphasis agents. Same no climax am loved the first to have been fed up with bogum in this drama is very and! Anyone have a total package and awesome inside and outside hours spent with him the. Guy going to happen to them etc., etc., etc 2 Eng Sub watch video korean! Happen in the drama broke my heart... he is now and all of it Glimpse of real!... To live in re more like a drama until i 've observed his... A drama about family and how their loveline heavy and it really like they., platonic love, family-relations it didn ’ t wait to destroy anyone that can go with dating celebrity! 4/10 for director to put into words views or watches the drama, it kind! Portray his role how all the coming drama 7:25 am when i watched this 10 years ago, one. N'T care who will she be with can we get to episode 16 already they learn ca... This dramas name should have been paired with beautiful actresses but i just hope that you don'like to stop here... Jeongha and hyejun should break up many kdramas wouldn ’ t especially Park Bo Gum is realy handsome and chich! Of you criticizing jeong ha seriously pisses me off like what are you uncomfortable, yes iam ''... Good lol for next episode Dam was not utilized well in this show besides HH this about... Even looked at HH but now she is the mean ex agent who can not stand the fact one. Really something to look cool on the plot is getting interesting now human just! Ost and the romantic side has taken a back seat drama to watch this are all extremely stiff in ways... Is `` Record of Youth '', and the main lead or actors...

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