Bro Carl & Ruby Sanders

Bro Carl & Ruby Sanders

Bro. Carl Sanders has traveled across America for over 20 years speaking to churches about the urgency of the hour, the end time message concerning the mark of the beast technologies and challenging the bride of Christ to make herself ready in holiness for the coming of the Bridegroom Jesus! His wife Ruby also traveled with him in ministry and she blessed many with her wonderful, godly humble way and her singing. Ruby has now passed over to glory and is missed by all who knew her precious spirit.

However, Bro. Carl continues on and will not retire from ministry as now more than ever he feels the fire of God raging in his spirit and the necessity to warn the the church of falling from her first love and being swayed by the great deception that is so prevalent in these last days.

Bro. Carl’s message¬† is not just about the end times and the mark of the beast. He preaches on God’s love for a broken humanity and how God desires men to repent and believe the gospel. Bro. Carl also speaks on the seven signs of the Last days with an array of both Biblical understanding of the end times and current documented facts and statistics as they relate to the last days and the church. Bro. Carl has been on TBN, many radio shows and prophecy conferences around the country over the last couple decades.¬† His message appeals to most fundamental churches and denominations. He is available to preach and share his message.

However, because Bro. Carl does not compromise the message of the gospel, the end times and the call for repentance, faith and holiness, he has sometimes run into opposition concerning his message. Even Paul the Apostle had controversy, so we must be careful not to make snap judgments concerning men of God who are surrounded by controversy. It is crucial for us to make a careful and diligent search for truth and integrity. Men who dare speak out against the harlot church of this end time have always been falsely accused and attacked from the scrupulous and vicious tongues of false prophets and teachers of the day. Bro. Carl, to his own hurt at times, has remained very transparent and open about his ministry and his testimony concerning his involvement with the development of the microchip technologies which may be paving the way to the mark of the beast. He has been accused of lying and fabricating facts concerning his testimony.

However Bro. Carl has dedicated his life to saving souls and not trying to put out every fire started by his false accusers. However, to appeal for truth and to defend the message God has given him to share with the church, Bro Carl has a whole page of this website dedicated to this controversy. Click here or go to the home page and click on the “In Defense of Carl” link. Bro. Carl has always maintained an open book policy concerning his ministry and life. Hopefully, the pages dedicated to his defense will be sufficient to squash any suspicions or doubts concerning this precious, humble servant of Christ.

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