Bro. Carl & Ruby Sanders

Bro. Carl & Ruby Sanders

Both Carl and Ruby Sanders have tremendous testimonies of a struggling marriage that was falling apart in the midst of good fortune until the time Carl was stricken with cancer, and while on his death bed, they both recommitted their lives to the Lord.

They had been working in the church for sixteen years, having a form of godliness, but never really knowing the Lord until they cried out to Him for help in their time of crisis. Carl was given only two to four months to live. At the time they both decided, as instructed by the Lord, to sell everything and go and bring the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to anybody whom would listen.

Their testimonies of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for them will both bless and change your life.

Brother Carl Sanders is an Electronics Engineer, Inventor, and author. He has also been a consultant to various Government organizations. During his career he helped develop a Microchip that is smaller than a grain of rice, and can be implanted beneath the skin for surveillance purposes. This device is suitable for the marking of every living person with a unique personal identifier. When scanned, the Microchip will transmit a data stream containing every piece of vital information that can be recorded about a person. Brother Sanders believes this (or one similar) to be the Mark of the Beast spoken of in the Book of Revelation

God has called Carl and his wife Ruby to sound the warning to all who will hear, and especially to the house of Israel (Ezekiel 3). You need to hear the message of Jesus Christ as in the scriptures he foretold what would happen to a specific generation in these last days. Know what the New World Order has planned for YOU!