An Article About Bro. Carl Sanders (Updated 2009)
By: Heath Goodman
Carl Sanders travels America speaking to churches about the urgency of the hour and challenging the bride of Christ to make herself ready! He has been on TBN, radio shows and prophecy conferences around the country. In recent years there has been unfortunate attacks made on this precious brother’s character. There are some rumors out there questioning the credibility of his testimony and involvement with the microchip/biochip technology development.

However, I have personal seen all the documentation validating Carl’s testimony as a tech and engineer in the service of the government and the companies in which he has always spoke about in his messages. I have also heard the so called “Trial of Carl Sanders” (the taped session which even the given name by his accusers shows clearly that certain pastors set themselves up as judge and jury to what is to any discerning ear an obvious witch-hunt trial) that only exonerates Bro. Carl and in my opinion clears up the vicious allegations of “fabricating” his testimony in regards to his assistance on the research and development of the microchip. These pastors and preachers brought scanty allegations against Bro. Carl and in my opinion in a spirit of the Roman Catholic inquisition.

In the early days of founding his ministry and calling, Bro. Carl had gone by Dr. Carl Sanders. He was given an honorary title (similar to Dr. Billy Graham) in Hong Kong when was based over there. He still used this title here in the states. It was really more as a coined nickname others called him rather than some diabolical attempt to make himself out to more than he really was. When he began preaching in churches, this title carried over into his speaking engagements and on literature and church announcements. At the time, Bro Carl used the term “Dr.” mostly out of habit of his longstanding “nickname” and his background. However, after many powerful ministry services and a growing audience of people who were touched by God through this man’s testimony, the devil used certain clergymen to incite suspicion and controversy surrounding Bro. Carl’s testimony. The tongues of fire began torching Bro. Carl’s character and testimony. Printed articles began to circulate that Bro. Carl was a fraud and to this day some still refer to him as “an unrepentant shyster” with a “reprobate mind”. Why these men attacked such a very humble brother so viciously, who knows, but God?

Is Carl totally innocent of never preaching in his early days without using the common practice of preachers to exaggerate something or using a little embellishment? No. Probably not. Not to ever excuse such a thing, but even in the pulpit, the tongue can sometimes speak too loosely… It is a forgivable sin of preachers.  Has Bro. Carl ever confessed to using manipulation, his own charisma or sensationalism in a message? Yes.  In a past message he wrote “With great conviction I preached ‘STAND on the Rock Jesus Christ’, yet my own feet were slipping as I relied upon charisma, sensationalism, and manipulation to get the Gospel across, as if God needed all that. He didn’t. All he wanted was a willing vessel, pure and holy before Him. I praise Him for His love and mercy. The title Dr. before my name was an honorary title, but the 32 years as an engineer and the projects are real.”
Nonetheless, if we are students of God’s word, we know that just because “controversy” and “accusations” surround an individual doesn’t necessarily make them true. I do not know of one true prophet in the Old Testament or the New Testament who was not surrounded by “controversy” and “false accusations”.  Anyways, Bro. Carl was called on the church carpet by these men of the cloth who readily claimed “their spiritual authority” over Bro. Carl’s life and ministry. Bro. Carl, being a humble man, did not resist these men and readily submitted himself to their council. He even agreed to the taped “trial” of his accusers. Bro Carl did actually feel God’s conviction over perhaps misleading people with the usage of the title “Dr.” so on these leader’s authority, he decided to drop the title to clear up some of the controversy surrounding his credibility. He “repented” as God had shown him this error in allowing “Dr.” to be used and misleading people into thinking he had earned a doctorate. However, it must be stated in his defense, that Bro. Carl never once boldly claimed to have an earned doctorate in any of his messages ever preached. It may have been assumed by the hearers when he referred to himself as “Dr.” as his nickname had been so acquired, but Bro. Carl never claimed to hold an earned degree. His accusers can not produce even one public or private recorded message where Bro. Carl boldly claimed something that can be proved a boldface lie.
However, these “spiritual leaders” were not satisfied with Bro. Carl “just dropping his title”. They wanted him to drop the ministry and calling God had placed on his life… at least until he had submitted to their great spiritual authority and been flogged properly.  Now, since he had fallen so far out of what they judged God’s usability, Bro. Carl would have to wait until they deemed him ready for ministry again. (Wow, to hold such spiritual authority and power over people…  was it a power trip or were they this righteous and holy to set themselves up this way?)
Anyways, for a season, Bro. Carl did humbly submit to these men as he stopped preaching and attend one of the leader’s church. But the fire that was “shut up in his bones” compelled him back on the road and Bro. Carl began sharing his testimony and end time message again with any church that would hear him. The “fuzzy faced” old man with his wonderfully humble wife got back on his horse and on the course that God has given him.

Now, I am a very close friend of Bro. Carl. He stayed in my home and we had much sweet fellowship together.  I even spent a good season with him on the road with his wife traveling to meetings and seeing Bro. Carl’s testimony. I say seeing because Bro. Carl just doesn’t speak his testimony, he lives it out! He is a sincere brother with a heart for God. His testimony and message is not solely “the engineer who helped design what might be the mark of the beast.” His testimony is his relationship with God and his message is the gospel of our Lord Jesus and the urging of believers to prepare their lives in holiness and faith toward God. I have personally seen Bro. Carl give away thousands upon thousands of audio tapes, videos and literature without ever charging one dime for them as he believes God told him to never sell what God gave him freely. That doesn’t sound like a shyster to me. I have also witnessed him travel hundreds of miles to preach at a little old church whose love offering didn’t even pay for his gas to get there. This doesn’t sound like a shyster to me. And he’s done it for years!!! I think Bro. Carl is a gemstone man of God among a boiling pot of gut rot preachers who hold the true gospel in contempt. Bro. Carl and his late wife Ruby have always shown themselves as humble, honorable and God fearing evangelists. I am honored to stand with them and give my best defense for them, as I know they have expressed that they are not in the business of defending themselves or Trumpet Ministries. Of course, “Wisdom is known by her fruits.” Just read or listen to Bro. Carl’s messages and see if the spirit of God does not touch you. Read some of the testimonies of those who have been touch, saved or challenged by Bro. Carl’s life and ministry.

As I told Carl years ago about putting his testimony in my now decommissioned magazine and perhaps publish the documentation that would clear up his name, he had sent me the documentation and a letter. The documentation is here for your viewing pleasure or displeasure, whatever perspective you may have. Perhaps, Bro. Carl’s good name might be restored among some churches or at least in a few minds and hearts. Also, here are the exact audio files on the website of his accusers – (right click save target as) (CarlSandersTrial1 & CarlSandersTrial2) of the great trial and crucifixion of our dear brother Carl. Bro. Carl does not try to hide his accusers from you. We pray for these men and I want to make sure that whatever their opposition, I urge readers to pray for them also. You be the judge… no better yet leave all judgment to the Father and pray for the Holy Spirit’s discernment within you.
Here is the excerpt from the letter Bro. Carl wrote back to me when I suggested giving evidence to his defense-

“Dear Brother Heath,
…I believe God will give you wisdom in anything you write in this regard. I want not to defend but simply state who I am and let the record stand. I am not ashamed of my technical background and my involvement with the microchip projects or my involvement with many undercover agencies. I have asked God to forgive me and because of the shed blood of Jesus I am forgiven and I know this.
I have taken boxes of documentation and confronted those who have come against me and they would not even look at the evidence but as with Steven they stopped up their ears and so after much prayer, God gave me a peace to go on with Him. He said in His Word, ‘I will fight for you!’ and He has done just that.
…Please Heath, understand, I do not want to tear down but to build up the Body and that is why we don’t sell anything and never have. We are not interested in money but souls…
Bro. Sanders”

In Conclusion, I would like to say to any of you who might have heard or spoken hastily concerning the credibility of this man. Please be careful that you do not fall into the sin of gossip, slander or listen to such! One of the abominations of our God is slander and sowing discord among brethren! Also, if Bro. Carl is a true man of God and has the Lord’s anointing… we need to be admonished to be very careful to “not touch God’s anointed”. I pray that if you need clarity in regards to Bro. Carl and Trumpet Ministries that you get that clarity down on your knees in front of Jesus who knows all and is the only true righteous judge of every matter. God bless you!

If you need to speak to me personally on this matter, I can be reached at;
Heath Goodman 404.307.9185

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