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I know a lot about mythology, but the actual living of the Ancient Greeks is something I don't kow much about. His Father’s methods are reflected in the many ways Hector grabbed and maintained the attention of his students, apparently even making yoghurt in one lecture! A theme about love for family and courage. HectorAndromache. Hector was a classicist, so the mythical love story of Hector and Andromache would have been one familiar to him. The subject of this work is taken from the sixth book of the Iliad. The pair quickly fell in love – in one letter from his father, Hector is told: We would dearly love to hear from you, and especially to hear more about Andromache, but I know communication must be precarious. She was a bit meek but Hector treated her well. He finds Andromache on the wall with their child Astyanax. The name means "man battler" or "fighter of men" or "man fighter" (note that there was also a famous Amazon warrior named "Andromache", probably in this meaning) or "man's battle" (i.e. It was here the somewhat socially awkward Hector met the vivacious Andromache! Aeneas and Dido, by Guido Reni, 1642 We might compare the story of Hector and Andromache to another great love story, that of Aeneas and Dido in Vergil’s ancient Roman epic, The Aeneid. I love how much they rely on each other, their love it's just so pure and beautiful. He was the husband of Andromache and the chief warrior of the Trojan army. “Astyanax, in Greek legend, prince who was the son of the Trojan prince Hector and his wife Andromache. Euripides tells of the slaying of Hector by Achilles, and then the throwing of Astyanax from the walls of Troy. This is by no means an uncommon idea now, but one which was new and innovative in Thomson’s time. The only things I liked about this tv show are: the actors (they are all amazing!) Andromache, according to the traces of her in the letters of others, was the sort of house guest welcome at every home, who could bring cheer to even the most despondent of households. Perhaps surprisingly when compared to the accounts we have regarding his boyhood, he finished his degree with a yearning of adventure, and entered the diplomatic service, working in Baghdad. Series. She was an incredibly loving wife. Why was Andromache on the battlements? English 10 | First Quarter | Farewell between Hector and Andromache VALUES IN THE STORY: Selflessness and Patriotism Listening for Specific Details | Exercise 12 1. When Hector takes off his helmet and reveals his face, Homer shows that he is a human and loves his … I'll never recover from his death. Hector was eventually killed by Achilles. Andromache and His Little Secret 508 Reads 7 Votes 3 Part Story. Let me know, any feedback is always appreciated. Andromache reveals the quality of "family first" as driving her character, while Hector shows how torn he is between the warrior ideal he has grown up with and his love … She was born and raised in the city of Cilician Thebe, over which her father ruled. The Farewell between Hector and Andromache 1. Details which Thomson with his enquiring mind would have found fascinating. The first refers to Andromache, the wife of Hector of Thebes, a Trojan prince. Achilles returns to his tent and Briseis, upon seeing him, bursts into tears for her cousin. Today’s Valentine’s blog is about another Hector and Andromache – Hector Thomson, the son of Godfrey Thomson, and his rather beautiful wife, the aptly named Andromache. She is a frequent character in the collection, and is mentioned throughout Thomson’s correspondence by friends and family – Thomson and Lady Thomson appear to have been particularly fond of her. Achilles slew her father and her seven brothers when he captured Thebae, but Andromache was already married to Hector and residing in Troy. “Dearest, your own great strength will be your death, and you have no pity on your little son, nor on me, ill-starred, who soon must be your widow … The card depicts her native Cyprus. I wrote this for an english project on Mythology. Racine's play is a story of human passion, with the structure of an unrequited love chain: Orestes is in love with Hermione, who only wishes to please Pyrrhus, who is in love with Andromaque, who is determined to honour the memory of her murdered husband Hector … Andromache … After their wedding, they settled in Aberdeen where Hector eventually became senior lecturer in Ancient and Modern Greek at the University of Aberdeen. In the division of captive women, Andromache was given to Achilles’ son, Neoptolemus. Andromache is called Hector's precious wife quite simply because she is precious to him.

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