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Free 2-Day Shipping - Orders Over $60. Share. Jason Celaya, Welcome Skateboards’ self styled ‘Minister of Magic’, has sat down with The Boardr for a chat about setting up the company, his thoughts on the industry, the Welcome team and more. Weight: 5 lbs: Dimensions: 41 × 12 × 10 in: 67 Afton Parkway Portsmouth, VA 23702. +1 757-966-5813 . There are no related contest results for this article. Nora Vasconcellos is … Most of us can't be pro, and a job in skating is definitely the second best thing, but you're going to have to have some ducks line up properly to get a good one, of course. The company is a California Domestic Corporation, which was filed on August 13, 2013. 8.75" x 32.88" 14.75" Wheelbase; Rides like an 8.5” popsicle; Recommended truck size: 149mm or 159mm; Custom shape designed and ridden by Chris Miller. Welcome team headlining the main stage at the Observatory. The address on file for this person is 26792 Vista Terrace, Lake Forest, CA 92630 in Orange County. So maybe they felt like there was a little more pressure or expectation to support the brand. Welcome Skateboards was started by Jason Celaya, Minister of Magic, and has managed to build up a pretty good following with their unique shapes and artwork. Features original artwork by company owner Jason Celaya. Congrats to our homies from the neighboring city for building an apparel brand proper. What do you think is the best way to market a skateboarding company these days? We're dipping a toe into the shoe pool with a small initial run from our friends at DC Shoes. Free shipping to contiguous U.S.on all orders over $75. Now we've got an upgrade to your sock drawer. 1 by Jason Celaya As many of you know, music is a huge driver in the Welcome story. Welcome Hog Wild 9.25 Boline Shape Skateboard Deck at Tactics. Making only shaped boards, Welcome owner Jason Celaya wanted a company where more thought was put in to creating the shape of each deck. And so it is. … Shop the best selection of cruiser decks from Welcome. That's how he ended up skating in 2009, getting last place. Inventory's in and stuff's online now. 8.5" x 32.25" 14.6" Wheelbase Rides like an 8.5” popsicle Recommended truck size: 149mm or 159mm Artwork by Jason Celaya Welcome Tamarin on Moontrimmer 2.0 8.5" Skateboard Deck Add to Cart Jason started it at the end of 2009 with $2,000. Chat Blog My Account Help Cart (0) Skate Snowboard Clothing Shoes Accessories Sale Brands. Welcome TM and mastermind behind Séance, Richie Valdez making sure everyone gets in. $59.99. Thanks Donny for the great advice and interesting insight into having a job and business in the skateboarding industry. World Wide Shipping NZ, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, ASIA + More (911964) SHIPPING COSTS AUSTRALIA FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99. Topics: jason celaya the boardr welcome skateboards. Add yours. Related Articles. I'd like to introduce and welcome a few new brands to The Boardr Store. Stand out/different product? Welcome Ephemera Rayon Camp Shirt - Black Members: AU$98.96 (Normally: AU$109.95) Sizes: M L XL. Free griptape included. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give a younger and less experienced version of you who was just starting Welcome back in 2009? While I was in China last month for Damn Am, Andrew with did an interview with me about all the digital stuff I did at SPoT before leaving, what I'm up to with The Boardr, and a little bit about skateboarding media and Skateboarder Magazine calling it quits. ESPN has an article and interview with Ryan Clements on how he helps pro skaters keep their financial matters in order. Notify me when this product is in stock . I don't know, but when I see Danny Way at events we do, I'm always too intimidated to ask him. He started Stereo with Jason Lee back in 1992. I've heard two stories on what the initials stand for. © 2021 Welcome Skateboards Welcome Skateboards Son Of Planchette Shape. Wanting to know more about what makes the brand tick, I hit up the darkman behind it, Jason Celaya, to talk to him about where Welcome came from, why half their team recently left, and the best spells to cast on dicks. This shape rides like an 8.5 and is designed and ridden by Nora Vasconcellos. Welcome has many original shapes such as the Son of Moontrimmer, Wicked Queen and the Nimbus 3000. Welcome Skateboards Deck Cetus Son of Moontrimmer. Welcome The Magician 8.38 Son Of Planchette Shape Skateboard Deck - orange at Tactics. MILFCAT2BONE. Next thing you know, the quality of their gear became top of the line and you started seeing them everywhere from The Berrics, to all over the streets of California. Jason Salillas and Ryan Lay “It’s called a mock neck!” Artwork done by Jason Celaya. Hide them. The limited-edition range consists of a custom deck, garment-dyed t-shirt and Nalgene water bottle with Jason Celaya (founder and artist of Welcome) adding his artwork to … Welcome Skateboards was started by Jason Celaya, Minister of Magic, and has managed to build up a pretty good following with their unique shapes and artwork. Below you'll also find an interview between Welcome's founder and artist, Jason Celaya, and Soft Kill's Tobias Grave, and an exclusive live video … Welcome skateboards est une marque créée en 2010 par Jason Celaya. Bursting into life in 2010, Welcome Skateboards has made a siginificant impact with its distinct ethos and art direction. Welcome Skateboards is owned and operated by Jason Celaya. This 8.6" Godamoon shape deck will ride like an 8.5" popsicle. Instead of just giving you a bunch of songs, we want to give you the specifics on why the selections either move us or what they have inspired. Facebook-f. … Nate has owned a skate shop for quite some time now and sent over his list of 11 types of shop lurkers, both good and sketchy. The Townleys. PS Stix manufactured deck made with 100% Canadian Maple throughout, the number one tried and tested skateboard hardwood. They have no investors or loans… truly independent. Son slogan latin “Qui nos opprimere velint, illos libenter devoramus ” peut se traduire par “Qui nous soumettrait, nous les dévorons avec plaisir”. If you speak Portugese, the appropriately titled 'Not Bull$h!t Skate Mag' has an interview with Ryan Clements. Instead of just giving you a bunch of songs, we want to give you … So this is the first of many playlists from the people who make Welcome what it is. It was a memorable day for us. Hopefully we introduce you to something new and maybe less homogeneous than what you have been exposed to. Click to read! Jason Celaya, Actor: Scents and Sensibility. I'm just documenting it with a few quick snaps. Did you have any business experience prior to starting Welcome? Winner picked next Monday. We're welcoming Stereo to The Boardr Store this week so I stopped and talked with Chris Pastras aka Dune. Please select if you want us to grip it or just send you a sheet. As I get older and spend more time working in the industry, I get more and more interested in others' stories about their experiences working in skateboarding. Online Store by Big Cartel. Categories ... Art by Jason Celaya; Related Products. Jason started the company in 2010 and their focus has been on creating unique shaped skateboards with care and attention to how they skate. Free 2-Day Shipping - Orders Over $60. Thanks Jason and thanks for letting us carry your boards. Thanks ya'll! Jason's the skater behind it all. Welcome Skateboards Nora Vasconcellos Teddy on Wicked Queen is available in size 8.6 and on the Wicked Queen Shape. We're also welcoming Stance to The Boardr Store. Pass~Port Inter Solid Hoodie - Navy Members: AU$116.96 (Normally: AU$129.95) Sizes: M L XL. SKU. RIPNDIP is a clothing company started right in our backyard, next city over, Orlando, Florida. Due to health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19 we are currently unable to process returns or exchanges. $8 FLAT RATE on all orders under $99. Welcome Pazuzu Premium T-Shirt - Black Members: AU$49.46 (Normally: AU$54.95) Sizes: S M L XL. So this is the first of many playlists from the people who make Welcome what it is. Summon something. It’s impossible to think about Welcome without envisioning their graphics and atypically-shaped boards. I remember years ago how their crew would show up super-deep at local Florida contests we were running. L’objectif de Welcome Skateboards était simple depuis le départ. We're carrying Welcome in The Boardr Store, so I hit him up with a few bid'niss questions on his experience and thoughts regarding Welcome Skateboards. Free 2-Day Shipping - Orders Over $60. Jeff has some great things to say about what he learned with his experience there and how he views his own versus other skateboarding. Welcome Peep This on Nibiru 8.75” Skateboard Deck - Blue Members: AU$107.96 (Normally: AU$119.95) Sizes: 8.75. Or a combination of all of those? Jason's the skater behind it all. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. We ended our first weekend of being digitally open with a few orders for The Boardr T Shirt and some other random stuff. Jason started the company in 2010 and their focus has been on creating unique shaped skateboards with care and attention to how they skate. We will keep each playlist 1 hour or shorter to make it a more curated list (1000s of important songs left off which we will get to over time). Ivan Federico and his lady made it all the way from Italy. Good thing it's mostly skateboarding work because that's a pretty good time. Welcome Sloth On Boline Shaped Deck $ 69.99 Sold out Width: 9.25" Length: 33" 14.5" Wheelbase. Or was it for Danny and Colin? Anderes Griptape (nicht kostenfrei) findet ihr hier: Welcome is a very original USA brand with home made graphics and hand crafted special deck shapes by PS Stix. Former Element pro, Donny Barley, is working on the business side of things with Element and Plan B now, so I had to start the water cooler chat with him about everything from life advice, to the state of skateboarding today. Artwork by Jason Celaya. Low price guarantee + free shipping with $60 purchase. Welcome Skateboards was started by Jason Celaya, Minister of Magic, and has managed to build up a pretty good following with their unique shapes and artwork. At the time, Droors Clothing, associated with Danny Way and Colin McKay, was super hot. Welcome The Magician Skateboard Deck Son of Planchette Orange 8.38" Features:8.38" inches wide x 32.25" length, custom Planchette shaped deck. A ripping (and expensive) team? In case you don't know, let me fill you in on them and their story in skateboarding. I want to take a minute to welcome and thank some new brands that are down for being in The Boardr Store. If your local shop doesn't run with our friends below, we got you here online including international shipping. Founder Jason Celaya was not a career skater; he was working fulltime in the subsea cable business when he invested $2,000 in a brand based on graphics straight out of a goth’s high school notebook and decks in a range of random non-popsicle shapes. I'm a CPA and I have a confession to make: Ryan keeps me in financial check, too! Artwork by Jason Celaya. Welcome skateboards and apparel. Social media? September 13th, 2016 Talking Welcome with Jason Celaya Welcome Skateboards and its creator Jason Celaya, “officially” titled the Minister of Magic, has been one of most interesting stories in skateboarding in recent memory. Artwork by Jason Celaya $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Related products. Exactly like the original Catblood, but … Nutze dafür das Bemerkungsfeld im Warenkorb. The English version is at the bottom. We're hyped on what they're producing and are proud to be backing fellow skateboarders that are getting it done on their own terms. They started a shoe company and called it DC, for Droors Clothing. 14.125" Wheelbase Artwork Jason Celaya 6,377 Followers, 3,819 Following, 164 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jason Celaya (@jasonmdt) Artwork by Jason Celaya. Welcome Skateboards Adam Garuda On Magic Mace Deck, Welcome Skateboards Nolan Johnson On Sledge Hammer Deck, Welcome Skateboards Owlcat On Time Traveler Deck, Welcome Skateboards Jackalope On Squidbeak Deck, Welcome Skateboards Chupacabra On Souls Splitter Deck, Welcome Skateboards Sloth On Waxing Moon Deck, Welcome Skateboards Bunny Heads On Basilisk Deck, Welcome Skateboards Talisman T Shirt, Color: Moonfade, Welcome Skateboards Celedon Owl T Shirt, Color: Mint, Jeff DeChesare aka Jeffwon Song Interview, Kicker Club's Interview With Rob Meronek, Another Milestone: We Shipped Our First Little Stack of Orders Today, Great Tips on Working in the Skateboarding Industry with Donny Barley, Working in the Skateboarding Industry: A Chat with Chris Pastras aka Dune, 11 Types of Skateboard Shop Lurkers by Nate Sherwood. | Qui nos opprimere velint, illos libenter devoramus. Gratis NO COMPLY - Griptape zu jedem Deck! We're carrying Welcome in The Boardr Store, so I hit him up with a … If so, we got you covered.

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