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23 talking about this. A guardian dog that is too attached to the owner may want to leave the flock to be with the owner or his family. You may decide that you want a livestock guardian dog if you live on a large amount of acreage. Guardian dogs, such as the Great Pyrenees breed that we specialize in, are trained to imprint upon a species, such as cattle. Livestock Guardian Dogs My name is Genelle and I breed champion line Maremmas bred specifically to care for livestock of all sizes. We have many sizes free-range turkeys available now! We feed our dogs a raw diet of hormone and antibiotic free beef, consisting of green tripe, muscle meat, heart, tongue, trachea/gullet and … Ten Mile, TN 37880 (423) 506-3977. 0. Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA. Started Dogs. Dad 100 % Maremma Mom 50 % Marema, 25 % Great Pyrenees 25 % Komondor $ 600 2 Males 5 Females $ 200 Deposit It well be ready to go on January the 10. 0. livestock guardian dogs Pets and Animals in Texas at classifieds. We check on them frequently especially in bad weather. Their ability to guard their herd is mainly instinctive, as the dog is bonded to the herd from an early age.Unlike, the often smaller herding dogs that control the movement of the livestock, LGDs stay close to the herd and blend in with them, watching for intruders within. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. Above all, they must exhibit a strong bond with the livestock. A cross between an Anatolian Shepherd and a Great Pyrenees, “Annie’s” characteristics led us to dig deeper investigating the different purebred livestock guardian dog breeds. AKC registered Anatolian Shepherd Puppies for sale, only 2 females left. Stay tuned for our 2021 breeding schedule. ADN-225735. Find Dogs, Puppies, Cats, most popular pet advertising site for pedigree and non pedigree dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other pets. HexenWald Ranch breeds and raises Kangal Dogs, a rare heritage livestock guardian dog breed originating in Turkey. Livestock guardian dogs tend to stay with the group of animals they protect as a full-time member of the flock or herd. Nutrition: We believe the health of your puppy starts before its birth. Find Dogs, Puppies, Cats, most popular pet advertising site for pedigree and non pedigree dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other pets. LIVESTOCK GUARDIANS. Cedar View Winchester *B. All puppies for sale near me. In preparation for our move to a larger, more remote property with additional livestock, we anticipated that having a dog breed with more protective abilities was a necessity. After two years of research, the decision was made. Big Boys. We really can’t say enough about these dogs. They are the ultimate when it comes to guarding sheep and goats. They are not herding dogs, Kangals have been bred to protect sheep and other livestock from predators such as bears, wolves and jackals for hundreds of years. Only one dog existed that could meet all of our needs: the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. The Karakachan livestock guardian dog is an LGD breed that has been used for centuries as an integral part of the life of the nomadic shepherds of Bulgaria for sheep and goats. The Karakachan is a breed of dog that originated in Bulgaria as a mountain livestock guardian dog. They bond with their surrounding land and animals, and by instinct learn to protect. For farmers raising cattle, goats, horses, or any other type of livestock, having a guardian dog is paramount to the well-being and security of the herd. 1/2 Anatolian / 1/2 Pyrenees, $200 for each. Livestock or family dogs. Livestock Guardian Dogs, raised with sheep, cows, cats chickens; dogs always been with kids too. Autry Farms is home to IFGA registered Fainting goats, Spanish goats, AKC German Shepherd Dogs, Livestock Guardian Dogs, Registered Beefmaster Cattle and Registered Longhorn Cattle. They are also a great benefit because they stay with your livestock 24 … Please contact us with ALL your needs!!! You can "like" us on Facebook if you like. First 2 shots and wormed. They are natural livestock guardians, and like all LGDs, become deeply attached to their owners and livestock, needing those bonds to develop as well-adjusted, happy, healthy dogs. Anatolian Shepherd Dog Dallas, 4 Males and a female Livestock's Guardian Puppies are ready to go. Akbash Dog-Great Pyrenees Mix Litter of Puppies For Sale in HARRISON ... Their dam is about 85 pounds, long coat, and avid livestock guardian. ALSO, from time to time we will have young adult dogs available (usually around 12-months old). They are great for protecting a large variety of livestock. We are giving these puppies an excellent start for either livestock guardian work or home guardian work. The livestock guardian dog is found, often with blood on her fur and an uninjured lamb nearby. That is perhaps okay when you just have a few acres and a few sheep. B ased in Treswell, Nottinghamshire, we are a husband and wife team with a passion for poultry, alpacas and our livestock guardian dogs, who help to look after the holding.. We are very specialist breeders and keep our herd – and flocks – small with the aim to improve the … Here is an excellent article about warning signs of problem behaviors in livestock guardian dogs. Boz and Kangal Shepherds are extremely powerful dogs, who require an owner that is both willing and able to care for their needs, and socialize them properly. 0. Rescued Pyrs are usually not used as livestock dogs since there is no way of knowing how the dog was socialized to animals as a pup and so how it will react to your valuable livestock. Home of The Maremma Sheepdog The close guarding livestock guardian dog Puppies for sale spring and fall Started and finished adult Maremmas may be available! Our guardian dogs are much loved members of the team at Blue Moon Ranch and they know it. Anatolian Shepherd Dog Asheville, Anatolian Shepherd Livestock guardian puppies, born 11/17/18 to great working parents. Date listed: 10/01/2018. Cedar View Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Livestock Guardian Dogs. Kangals are the alpha breed of livestock gaurdians. Livestock Guardian Dogs The Sivas Kangal Dog is a large and powerful ancient breed of livestock guardian dog. Cattle for sale, livestock auctions online, livestock for sale, dairy cattle, livestock classifieds, hay for sale, farm classified ads, farm buy sell, cattle classifieds, farms for sale, ranches for sale, horse auctions, cattle auctions, cattle for sale, horses for sale, tack for sale, farm equipment for sale This nature is completely inherent in the Maremma Sheepdog and cannot be trained into any dog. When not raising pups, she prefers to hang with ... Akbash Dog-Great Pyrenees Mix Litter of Puppies for Sale near Kansas, EL DORADO, USA. After much research and many farm visits we chose the Kangal Dog to guard our flocks. He will avoid me. We make these dogs available as started dogs for guarding livestock. Feel free to send a personal message on Facebook, or send an email to:, but you will get a much faster response if you text me at 423-506-3977. Where quality AND service are our top priority! ... lgd livestock guardian kangal north carolina trained. THESE ARE WORKING FARM ANIMALS SO STOP REMOVING THIS POST. Benson Maremmas has puppies, young started dogs and training education for LGD sheepdogs owners These animals are large in stature and very intelligent. These are working farm dogs. They were bred to protect their livestock against bears and wolves. 1528 Ten Mile Road, Ten Mile, TN 37880 ... Back to Goats for Sale. Parents on site in pic male about 140-150 lbs, female about 120 lbs and guard free range sheep, hogs, chickens, guinea fowl, ducks, cats. It took me a while to understand this, because my experience had been with house dogs. These Bulgarian dogs are rare in the U.S., having only been imported as LGDs in the past 10 years. 1528 Ten Mile Road. Dedicated to preserving the rare livestock guardian dog of Bulgaria, the Karakachan, in the USA. ^^^^^ Welcome to Windance Farm! 3 males & 1 female. Why Guardian Dogs? Our first livestock guardian dog joined the farm in 2001. Livestock Guardian Dogs; Cavalier King Charles Spaniels; American Guinea Hogs; Turkeys. Karakachan LGD Livestock Protection Guardian Dogs for Goats, Chicken, Sheep, Hobby Farms Karakachan LGD Livestock Protection Guardian Dogs Questions / Puppy Buying Interest: • (563) 349-8269 • Facebook Mountain Mist Maremmas: Breeders of Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs in Swan River, Manitoba, Canada 0. "Cedar View Farm Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Livestock Guardians" has a FACEBOOK page. Little Tots Estate Zabrina's 12/19/20 buck kid. The rancher’s first thought is usually that the dog has “smelled blood and gone crazy.” Many potentially good livestock guardian dogs have their careers cut short at this point. These working dogs are always valuable to any livestock owner who cannot afford the time required in training a puppy. Both parents are excellent with goats and watch over land.Puppies are very friendly and UTD on wormings. Page 1 contains Kangal Dog puppies for sale or Kangal Dog dog for adoption listings in USA. I feed my dog in a little trailer that I can close up should I have a need to examine or treat the dog. ... All dogs near me. If you raise goats, sheep, cattle, or even chickens, an LGD will protect them for you. These dogs are bred to bond and protect livestock and will do this to … Please contact us for details. 2020 Kids. Maremmas are spectacular Livestock Guardian Dogs. They have bonded well with our goats and poultry and will not allow predators near either areas. Other names are Bulgarian Shepherd and Thracian Mollos. If you are looking for a guardian animal for livestock and/or poultry that will also become a part of your family, a well-bred Pyrenees may be the perfect match. In Turkey they have been used for thousands of years to protect livestock against bear, wolf, mountian lion, coyote, bobcat, wild boar, feral dogs and theives. livestock guard dogs Pets and Animals in Washington at classifieds. They originate out of Italy and have been bred to care for and protect all life on a farm. Turkish Malakli Pups. Predators are one of the most common causes of sheep fatalities, especially for grazing based farms. Find Livestock for sale, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable breeders or connect for free with eager buyers UK at, the pet classifieds. Cindy Benson, trainer and breeder of Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs. We try to provide the best genetics and breeding stock available and concentrate on quality and conformation. Mom is full brindle colored Anatolian Shepherd & dad is 1/2 Anatolian/1/2 Pyrenees. The ideal livestock guardian dog should demonstrate a calm and gentle temperament, be tolerant of juvenile curiosity and behavior, trustworthy and capable of working independently. Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA. The dog will be still near the sheep. We are completely sold out for the season! They are ready to take home, 19 weeks old. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. Our dogs have proven to be capable guardians, have exellent conformation and temperaments, and have passed their health exams, PennHIP certifications. Cedar View Regulus *B. The Great Pyrenees breed of dogs have been utilized for generations as livestock guardian dogs. The dog is named after the Karakachans, Balkan Greek nomadic shepherds. These dogs have an intregral role to fill on the farm.

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