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7 April 2007 The Doctor quotes the line, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light," from "Do not go gentle into that good night" by Dylan Thomas — but warns Shakespeare he cannot use it as it is "somebody else's". Rating: 7.31 /10 based on 16 votes cast. Lilith promises to kill the Doctor as the bells ring outside. Or else they risk getting committed to Bedlam. He offers to take Martha to the theatre, which she happily agrees to. The special effects on the episode were done by The Mill, who have created the special effects on all Doctor Who episodes since its return in 2005. Lynley collapses on the ground dead. They enter the TARDIS, slamming the door just as an arrow embeds itself in the TARDIS' exterior before dematerialisation. On the Doctor's order, Streete reveals that witches spoke to him and made him design the Globe to their design, not his own; once he had served his usefulness, they snapped his wits to keep him quiet about their plans. The Doctor tells him to stop rubbing it or he'll go bald. To Will's shock, they tell him the Queen wants to see the play. 1 Biology 2 Technology 3 History 4 Other references 5 Behind the scenes The true form of a Carrionite resembled a giant skeletal raven or crow. Martha yells to be let out but is told by the Doctor that it's pointless as the entire building is yelling that. At that moment, Lynley, Master of the Revels, barges in, demanding to see Shakespeare's script before he allows the play to proceed. Once at Bedlam, Martha and the Doctor are disgusted to learn that the patients are whipped to entertain the gentry. Doctor: In the witches' home, a wheezing Doomfinger rejoins Bloodtide and Lilith; she tells them that the Doctor knows of their true nature - he spoke their true name. Martha Martha is less than impressed with the room, complaining she doesn't even have a toothbrush. The Queen declares, "Off with his head!". She frets over her reception as a black woman in a time when slavery still exists. The Shakespeare Code (drn:45'32") Inside the TARDIS the Doctor frantically pulls at the controls, whilst Martha enquires how the ship manages to travel in time. He refuses to answer and with a sudden stop both are thrown off balance; the ship has landed. The Doctor walks out of the prop room, carrying a skull, which he states reminds him of a Sycorax; Shakespeare states he'll take that word from him as well. There is indeed a novelisation of Back to the Future, written by George Gipe. The actors ask Will why he announced the play for tomorrow instead of next week as they planned. It was seen by 7.2 million viewers, and was the fourteenth most watched programme of the week. He tells for the Doctor not to ask him where he gets his ideas, but upon seeing Martha enter, he stops dead and then suddenly changes his tune, welcoming the two travellers into the room. Smith and Jones Lilith notes the Doctor was at the inn with Shakespeare and smells of something new. She tells her mothers to go the Globe and wait for her; Lilith will be waiting for the Doctor to find their home so she can kill him to put an end to his threat to their plans. Similar programmes. The character Kempe is William Kempe, a highly regarded comic actor of the era, who was a member of the Lord Chamberlain's Men along with Shakespeare and Richard Burbage. When asked by the Doctor what she saw, Martha answers, "A witch". She approaches seductively, which the Doctor says definitely won't work on him, and then quickly cuts a lock of his hair. Dolly informs the Doctor and Martha that she's prepared a room for them. With her help, the Doctor manages to re-start his other heart. Martha defends herself by stating that she's only just started believing in time travel. Recognising the signs, the actors excuse themselves; to them, it looks like Shakespeare has found a new muse. Lilith credits the Carrionites' escape from the Eternals' banishment to 'new...glittering' words. Scenes set in the Globe Theatre were then partially filmed in the recreated Globe Theatre in London. According to Roberts, "if anyone was gonna trip me after transmission it'd be him, so I thought I'd butter him up first".[5]. [15] IGN reviewer Travis Fickett rated the episode 7.2 out of 10. Report Broken Documentary. The Doctor calmly announces to the crowd that Lynley has died a natural death, of a sudden imbalance of the humours. This is one of few occasions where the Doctor didn't appear to use the sonic screwdriver in the episode. The witches turn out to be Carrionites, but they haven't reckoned with the difficulty of taking on the Doctor and arguably the world's greatest ever wordsmith. Shakespeare is confused by Martha's clothing and the Doctor explains she's from "Freedonia". Martha defends herself by saying that in Freedonia, women can have any profession they want. Main enemy: The Tenth Doctor, who promised to take Martha on one trip, takes her to a performance of Love's Labour's Lost at the Globe Theatre in Southwark in 1599. Release details Main setting: Back at The Elephant, the Doctor explains that the Carrionites vanished at the dawn of the universe; thus it was left to debate whether they were actually real. Just before the Doctor steps out of the TARDIS, he exclaims "Brave new world", from Act V Scene I of The Tempest. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The episode makes reference to the many debates about Shakespeare's sexuality. The Doctor gives Will a neck brace for his pain, telling him to keep it as it looks good on him. When questioned as to the whereabouts of Peter Streete, Shakespeare says that he was admitted to Bedlam. The Shakespeare Programming Language (SPL) is an esoteric programming language designed by Jon Åslund and Karl Hasselström. There is a running joke throughout the episode in which the Doctor creates an apparent ontological paradox by inspiring Shakespeare to borrow phrases that the Doctor quotes from his plays. The Carrionites and all the copies of Love's Labour's Won are sucked back through the closing portal. It is also included in the Series 3 DVD box set. William Shakespeare improvises words of power and casts a magic spell to defeat the Carrionites. Roberts has said, "I always thought it was a nice word, and I was thinking of the witches as carrion creatures, so I bunged a C in front of it".

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