Could This Be
The Mark Of The Beast?

Written By Heath C. Goodman
“There is something ominous in the air, and I am intrigued by both the horror and the hope of what lies just ahead.” ~Billy Graham

Storm Warning Of What Lies Just Ahead…
Step right up and get your biochip implant! No hassles! Just a little stick on the back of your hand or forehead! Good for anything that ails you! No more need for cash, checks or credit cards, the biochip does it all! Through electronic transferal of money, one hand sweep over the grocery store or other business’s scanner device linked to the Central Accounts Database and voila… funds are automatically deducted from your personal account! And crime will certainly be curbed substantially because how can thieves steal or use the biochip imbedded in your forehead or hand! No more need for bulky keys or combination locks- your microchip puts out a frequency of your own personal digital identification number. Serving as an access code it will unlock your car, your house, your office and whatever else you wish to lock up! How convenient!
Parents, no more lost kids or runaways! Or perhaps you need to track down someone in an emergency! Just call your local Database for Human Control and give the name of the child or person you need to get hold of and through cellular towers and satellite wizardry… Tada.. they have detected the coded digital identification number frequency output (acting as a locator device) and you’ve found your little Johnny or Suzy or whoever!
No more cellphones or bulky PDA’s, make a call or get contact info by just speaking as the chip is linked to your neural network! Connect to the internet, Facebook, Twitter or you any social network, your chip does it all! You will feel loved and totally connected to this new world order! It’s so cool, so hip, so incredibly fashionable and useful that most of us will stand in line for days to get it! The craze will be so phenominal…. Celebrities will flaunt it. Politicians will legislate it. And most importantly, people will almost… no… they WILL worship it! Who is like the B.E.A.S.T.? The Bio Electronic Autonomous Systemic Tag! The billboards will read- “Tag. Your it! Have you been tagged by the beast?” If you don’t get it, your outdated and obsolete in the tech saavy new world order.. a has been or even worse… a terrorist!

101 uses for your personal implanted microchip! So why not take the chip and join our “New World Order Society?” Because we love you… Don’t be a rebel or dissident to this grand plan to bring about global, national, social and individual harmony and well being. Because we love you… Be a good little citizen in our “brave new world”. Because we love you… And if you refuse to take the microchip, then you would be showing that you are unproductive and a rebel to our new society and we won’t like that. Because we love you…

We know you’ve been influenced and brainwashed by those “extreme fundamental religious bigots” and you can’t help it. So before we chop your head off or reminiscent of the nazi gas chambers, microwave you and all potenial dissdents into oblivion , we will give you a few chances to change your mind. We will send you to a reprogramming center for some Brainwave massage therapy or better yet a behavioral chip implant and see if that might convince you that our way is the best way. Because we love you…

Now, folks, you might think this is funny, farfetched and Hollywood science fiction type stuff. But I wouldn’t laugh or scorn too soon. The following information hasn’t come out of some science fiction movie or magazine. It is true and happening here and now! But just keep your eyes peeled on our government, the “United Nations and it’s New World Order agenda;” and on the media coverage of technology and it’s ability to solve mankind’s problems. Listen and watch. You will soon see for yourself. The current global financial meltdown has all been planned out and manipulated to bring about the need for a one world government, one world currency, one world citizenry. Of course, not all of us will be here to enjoy the new world paradise. The plan is to wipe out over five billion of us through war, disease and the final phase, through concentration facilities being set up now all over the world to kill and harvest our bio resources. So don’t be too frightened by the prospect of having to choose between a chip in your forehead or a chop in your forehead. Many of us won’t get the luxury of such a choice. Guilty by our association with religion and politics, we are all already being profiled for termination or for the chip factory.

The Digital Age
Never in the history of the world has knowledge and technology so skyrocketed to unlimited heights. Never before could man travel “to and fro” with such ease and speed, through the use of planes and other vehicles. Yet the “outdated” and so called “mythical” Bible prophesied long ago that at the very end of time this would happen. Consider the following prophecy in Daniel which describes the 20th Century right on the money- “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro (air travel?), and knowledge shall be increased (technology).” Daniel 12:4

The technological advances and computer age of recent years have certainly paved the way for the “mark of the beast” and the one world system, prophesied in Revelation. Through satellite and computers and “the New Information Highway” we are linking every man, woman, boy and girl to a national network and database. What do think President Clinton was referring to in his State of the Union address, on January 25, 1994, when he said, “. . . we must also work with the private sector to connect every classroom, every clinic, every library, every hospital in America into a NATIONAL INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY by the year 2000.”

In the book, Creating a Government that Works Better & Costs Less, by past Vice President Al Gore. Vice President Gore, (p.114), calls for “. . . the rapid development of a nationwide system to deliver government benefits ELECTRONICALLY. . . develop an implementation plan for electronic benefits transfer by March 1994.” According to Gore, the process is well under way (p.114), “There are test sites in Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming.”

The acceleration of these technologies and communications are swiftly taking us into George Orwell’s “1984” “Big Brother government” scenario. Mr. Orwell was right… only he was off a few years. Incidentally, Hilary Clinton’s favorite books are “1984” and “Brave New World”, where the government controls all facets of society through technology.

The Implantable Biochip/Identification Transponder

There is a biochip now in the hands of the government that has the potential of becoming the “mark of the beast” where you can not “buy or sell” without it.

Bro. Carl Sanders, was a top electronics engineer and inventor for the U.S. government, who worked with the FBI, CIA, IRS and other government agencies designing spy technologies and surveillance equipment. He holds several patents and has been presented with the President’s and Governor’s Awards for Merit and Design Excellence.

Carl Sanders sat in 17 New World Order meetings with heads of state officials such as Henry Kissinger and Bob Gates of the CIA to discuss plans on how to bring about this One World System. The government commissioned Carl Sanders as part of a think tank and design team to help create a biochip for identifying and controlling the peoples of the world— a biochip that could be inserted under the skin with a hypodermic needle (a quick/convenient method that would be gradually accepted by society).

Carl Sanders, with a team of engineers behind him, with U.S. grant monies supplied by our tax dollars, took on this project and designed a biochip which is powered by a lithium battery rechargeable through the temperature changes in our skin. Without the knowledge of the Bible (Bro. Sanders was not a Christian at the time), these engineers spent one and half million dollars doing research on the best and most convenient place to have the biochip inserted. Guess what? These researchers found that the forehead and the back of the hand is not just the most convenient place but is also the only viable place for rapid, consistent temperature changes in the skin to recharge the lithium battery.

The biochip is approximately 7mm in length, .75 mm in diameter, about the size of a grain of rice. It is capable of storing pages upon pages of information about you. All your general history, work history, crime record, health history and financial data can be stored on this chip.

The sending unit of the biochip puts out a digital signal and consists of bursts of 85 data bits. It also puts out a digitally created analog signal at specific intervals. Used as a transponder this signal gives out vital information and also serves as a location marker. These ID biochips are therefore much more effective and efficient than any previous method of verifying one’s identity. In fact, biochip transponder technology is the only viable means of identifying living creatures. ID implants will eventually replace all existing forms of identification devices for people.’ Once they have been injected under our skin, we will have been ELECTRONICALLY BRANDED for life! It is already being tested and implanted in military personnel, government couriers and corporate personnel. It was used in the Gulf War and the technology was featured on 20/20 in August of 1991.

These biochip implants are designed to become our passports, driver’s licenses, health care cards, social security cards, etc. In other words, they will become our UNIVERSAL ID and ATM /DEBIT CHIPS all in one. One World, One Biochip. Presently, AT&T advertises it’s new contactless, electronic smart card as, “One World. One Card.” Simply pass your right hand over a radio-frequency (RFID) scanner and you will be identified instantaneously and processed automatically wherever you are. A radio wave will pass through the skin of your hand, activate your ID transponder, and transmit your unique ID number back outside the skin to the scanner. This entire process of identification will require only about two seconds. Computers in the new, digitized, fiber-optical Information Superhighway infrastructure will do the rest. It looks like that in the very near future, all buying and selling will be controlled. Scan your hand, and debit your account. How wonderful…

Bro. Sanders believes that this biochip which he regretfully help design may be the “mark” spoken about in Revelation 13:15-17. The original Greek word for “mark” is “charagma” which means a “scratch or etching, i.e., a stamp or badge of servitude, a mark”. It is also interesting to note that the number 666 is actually a word in the original Greek. The word is “Chi Xi Stigma”, the first part denoting the number 666 and the last part “stigma” meaning “to stick or prick, a mark incised or punched (for recognition of ownership)”. Look it up yourself, it’s exactly what it means! In light of these definitions, implantable biochips could very well be the physical “mark” spoken of in the book of Revelation!

Is The Smart Card The Stepping Stone To The Mark?
For years there has been talk about a national ID card that all US citizens will be required to carry. Perhaps, Bill Clinton’s Smart Card which contains a microchip will be the front runner to the “mark of the beast”. This is one reason why we see the Socialist Clinton agenda fighting so furious to wreck our present health care system and replace it with a government controlled system where we would all be required to have this Smart Card. Clinton’s proposed health care card, a disguised NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD is an ingenious device for tracking and controlling the lives of American citizens. This new ID card will allow Big Brother to maintain digitized, permanent, and accessible records on every man, woman and child in America.

The government would like us to believe that this socialistic plan will benefit us by allegedly improving the quality and/or general availability of health care coverage in the United States. But nothing could be further from the truth! Indeed, the ulterior objective of this plan is not to improve the quality or availability of health care insurance. Rather, it is a devious means of consolidating and computerizing all available information on each of us into a new electronically digitized, centralized government data base that will ultimately lead to a complete loss of privacy, enslavement, and control. To make this enslaving system work, each of us must have a unique ID number that can be accessed by various local, national and international computer banks. That is why the National Health Board, which would be set up under this socialistic “Health Care” program, would “enforce unique identification numbers for all consumers,” according to government literature. This is already being done in Canada and other countries. The Clinton’s National Identity Card will become so ubiquitous, so necessary in order to comply with government regulations, that we will be forced to carry it with us at all times!

In recent years credit cards and debit cards have started to decline in popularity as smart cards have entered the limelight. Smart cards, which look like ordinary credit cards contains a microchip that can store huge amounts of data such as bank accounts, medical information, crime records etc. They are already being used widely in Europe and Japan. The smart card is almost certain to be the final bridge to biochip implants. Here are just a few indications of our acceleration towards this system—

Newsweek magazine, July 31, 1989, (p.54) “Smart cards… may make the old science-fiction notion of a CASHLESS SOCIETY REAL.”

Omni magazine, June 1991, (p.59) made this bold declaration, “CASH AND CREDIT CARDS WILL SOON BE OBSOLETE.”

The Birmingham News, August, 24, 1993, (p.1B) reporting on smart cards, said, “Before long, you’ll use this electronic check to pay for groceries, gasoline, taxes, stamps, fast food — in virtually any business where you now use checks or cash.”

Robert McKinley, president of RAM Research Corp. says, “You’ve heard about the cashless society . . . IT MAY FINALLY BE ON ITS WAY.”

On the front cover of Information Week, Oct. 11, 1993- “The Cashless Society, It’s In The Cards”
The article went on to state, (p.4) “The United States IS BECOMING A CASHLESS SOCIETY . . .”
According to Information Week, “BY NEXT YEAR, cards will be used to pay for health care and insurance, to receive government benefits, and to buy items in vending machines.”

At a testing site with the Marine Corp’s Parris Island training base in South Carolina, Newsweek states “On payday, recruits receive smart cards rather than cash. When a marine makes a purchase on base, he plugs the card into a small terminal and the sum is automatically deducted from his pay. THE BASE IS, IN FACT, A CASHLESS ECONOMY — even the telephones take smart cards.”

There are many other pilot programs, utilizing smart cards, are already being tested in Minnesota, New Jersey, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Dayton, Ohio. According to Lawrence Rudmann, USDA Director of Public Affairs, “It’s only a matter of time before ALL FEDERAL PROGRAMS — are brought into compliance,. . .”
Infosecurity News, Sept/Oct 93 (p.27), writes, “An extraordinary effort is now under way to build an INFRASTRUCTURE FOR LARGE-SCALE USE of smart cards in electronic data interchange, national health- care systems, financial-transaction systems and interactive home services . . .”

Wachovia Bank during this past summer Olympics in Atlanta had an ad campaign promoting their cash cards that read, “Change Is In The Chip.” Why was the word “chip” used when promoting their “card”. Could it have been a subtle way of conditioning us to accept what is coming down the pipeline?

Big Brother Has Not Kept His Plan A Secret!
President Clinton’s Putting People First , page 22, reads, “ALL AMERICANS WILL CARRY SMART CARDS. . .”
An article in Investor’s Business Daily, (Nov. 16, 93, p.1), titled, The Dark Side of Health Reform, stated, “Privacy rights advocates are also concerned that the health ID would end up being used by the government for FAR MORE than just determination of health benefits.”

PCWEEK MAY 9, 1994, VOLUME 11, NUMBER 18 pgs. 1, 10. The Clinton Administration is working on creating an identification card that every American will need to interact with any federal government agency. The card initiative came into the forefront at last month’s Card Tech/Secure Tech Conference in Crystal City, Va., as federal agencies, including the U.S. Postal Service, and the Internal Revenue Service, began detailing their various proposals. At the gathering — where security experts convened to discuss business and government applications for “smart card” and PCMCIA memory-card technologies — the Postal Service presented a proposal for a “general-purpose U.S. services smart card,” which individuals would use to authenticate their identities when sending and receiving E-mail, transferring funds, and interacting with various government agencies. Sources close to the administration said President Clinton is also considering signing a pair of executive orders what would facilitate the connection of individuals’ bank accounts and federal records to a government identification card. The Postal Service’s U.S. Card would use either smart cards- plastic cards that carry a unique number that can be read by a scanner and linked to computerized records stored on a network — or PCMCIA cards, which can contain megabytes of personal information…….

The drawback to the smart card system is that it isn’t foolproof! The smart card can still be lost or stolen. The person who loses or gets his card stolen virtually becomes economically paralyzed whether he wants to or not! No, there has to be a way that the system becomes foolproof! The smart card is going to have to be somehow… PERMANENTLY ATTACHED TO THE INDIVIDUAL! Yes, that’s it!

Automatic I.D. News, Sept. 1990 (p.37), says, “The fastest growing segment in the access control market, . . . is biometric sensors. These devices identify people by fingerprints, retina patterns and other BODY-BASED methods . . .”
Automatic I.D. News, March 1992 (p.E40), says, “AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION plays an important role in the emerging cashless society.”

Tattoos and different forms of electronic medium under the skin has been seriously considered to make this system foolproof. But the wonder boy of choice is the biochip. It’s easy to manufacture, has a variety of applications, can be implanted quite quickly and conveniently- as quick as a flu shot!

Already, in Spain, dogs and cats, are required by law, to have microchip implants. The system is also used in the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland. Here in America most veterinarians are offering to put a microchip in your dog or cat for under $25.00. Many farmers are not branding their horses, sheep and cattle the traditional way but instead they are giving them microchip implants!

InfoPet in Southern California, advertises that they can put an implantable biochip in up to 1 billion dogs or cats. Through cellular towers and satellites they can track down your lost pet within 10 feet of wherever they are. Oh what a wonderful service! Are we next?

The media has already begun campaigning the grand idea and benefits of biochip identification for kids. Oprah Winfrey dedicated one of her shows on this subject. We will see an acceleration of this type of hype and media coverage in the coming days. Electronic transaction/identification through implantable biochip technologies is not something coming down the road, it is here and now folks!

Just How Close Are We To The Mark Of The Beast?
Standardization News, February, 1991, told of some unbelievable developments. The European Community has decided to utilize an identification mark. Page 30 of the report reads, “. . . ONE CANNOT MARKET OR SELL A PRODUCT UNLESS IT HAS THE EC MARK.” Revelation 13:17 reads remarkably and frightfully similar, “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark . . .” 2,000 years ago the Bible foretold of these events, and they’re being fulfilled right down to the line!

In 1935, the Social Security program was enacted as a simple retirement system to be funded by payroll contributions. But in 1974, the Senate Finance Committee voted to issue a Social Security card to every child entering the first grade. Time magazine of March 13, 1972, commenting on the action said, (p.16) “Such a system would further enable the Government to amass information on citizens and STORE IT IN A CENTRAL COMPUTER UNDER A SINGLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER.”

Then in 1989, a law was passed that every child, over two-years of age, must have a Social Security number to qualify as a dependent on tax returns. Now a program has been implemented, that when the baby is born, the hospital will automatically apply for the social security number! The name of the program – ENUMERATION AT BIRTH! To Enumerate means to “ASSIGN A NUMBER!” The government is establishing a UNIVERSAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER!

Also in 1974, a strange, new mark began appearing on products- UPC barcode. Virtually every product is now marked with the familiar UPC barcode. Interestingly enough, did you know that there are three embedded numbers on every UPC barcode? What are the three hidden numbers? Wouldn’t you know- 666!

All of the marks, or bars are associated with numbers at the bottom, except the marks at the first, middle, and end. The marks for the number “6” are “||”. And these marks are the same marks at the first, in the middle and at the end of every barcode! The number “666” is hidden in every UPC bar code!

(If you don’t believe it, get a bar code and look at it!.) Something else has mysterious appeared. In the last few years, some UPC codes have appeared with additional boxes underneath the bar code. Beside the boxes are 2 letters — the letter F and the letter H! Could they stand for forehead or hand? Am I paranoid or is someone following me?

One party moving rapidly in bar-code identification is the Federal Government. Automatic I.D. News, April 1991, says, (p.46) “Everything that is being used in the military system has been or will be marked with a bar code. . . EVEN DOWN TO INDIVIDUAL SOLDIERS. . . EVERYONE GETS A BAR CODE.”

At least 15 high schools in New York City are participating in a pilot program using bar-coded identification and scanners to “keep careful tabs on the students”. Esquire magazine of March 1990, (p.89) asked the obvious question, “….will we all be tagged in the end?”

In 1991, while most Americans were preoccupied in the Gulf War, the House “silently” passed, a little-known bill, called The Federal Telecommunication System 2000 (FTS 2000). At a cost of $25 billion, it is the single largest money appropriation in U.S. history. FTS 2000 requires by law, all computer and phone lines, connected via high-tech computer network. According to a published study of FTS 2000, by Craig Hulet, of KC & Associates, “The system is QUITE REAL; . . . THERE IS NO QUESTION that once it is in place, one will ‘neither buy nor sell’ without being very much a part of the system.”

Tim Willard, executive officer of the World Future Society, a New Age Washington DC- based organization that claims 27,000 members globally (including “Future Shock” author Alvin Toffler) was quoted recently as saying, “The technology behind such a biochip implant is fairly uncomplicated and with a little refinement, could be used in a variety of HUMAN applications.”

“Conceivably,” Willard said, “a number could be assigned at birth and follow that person throughout life. Most likely, it would be implanted on the back of the RIGHT or LEFT HAND so that it would be easy to scan at stores. You simply scan your hand to automatically debit your banking account.” Willard added, “The biochip implant could also be used as a universal type of identification card that would replace all credit cards, passports and that sort of thing. It could also become our medical care ID chip. It could even replace house and car keys someday.”

But don’t look for U.S. government officials to be quite so bold — at least not yet. Americans are still somewhat skeptical about such Big Brother “helps”. To promote national identification as a real priority, there must be the perception of need — some crisis in need of solving.

Several California officials are suggesting there is just such a crisis in the illegal immigration problem. Democrats such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Republicans such as Gov. Pete Wilson agree that the time has come for a national identity card, perhaps including biometric data. Such a card is already in use by the federal government. It’s called, interestingly, MARC — for Multi-Technology Automated Reader Card, and all armed services personnel are familiar with it.

Feinstein recently called on her colleagues in the U.S. Congress to make carrying such a card MANDATORY for every American citizen. Her remarks, memorialized in the daily Washington journal Roll Call, are stunning in their candor and chilling in their content. “I believe that a new, phone or machine-readable card that all job and benefits applicants would be required to present to verify their work or eligibility for assistance deserves careful consideration,” she said. “As (the Senate subcommittee on immigration) heard (from representatives of the State Department, INS, FBI, Social Security Administration, Secret Service, state and motor vehicle authorities), counterfeit-resistant cards that incorporate ‘biometric’ data are available and in use today. Whether the card carries a magnetic strip on which the bearer’s unique voice, retina pattern or fingerprint is digitally encoded, or whether it incorporates a digitized photo and signature integrated into the plastic card itself, it is clear to me that state-of-the-art work and benefits eligibility IDs can and must replace the Dinosaur Age documents now being used.”

Feinstein urged Congress not to wait — but to act immediately to begin creating such a system. “Is it really necessary to take three to four years to study the issue?” she asked. “Shouldn’t we press forward with a single integrated system now, require everyone (not just immigrants) to obtain the new document within a reasonable phase-in period, and subject that document to annual renewals to minimize the effect of any residual fraud or change in eligibility status?”

“A national ID database represents the slipperiest of all civil liberty slopes,” says Ron K. Unz, himself a computer software entrepreneur and opposed to Feinstein’s agenda. “A system employing tens of thousands of government clerks and administrators and costing tens of billions of dollars to build and operate would surely not remain limited to catching illegal nannies. Why not use it, at virtually no additional cost, to track convicted child molesters as well? Who would dare object? Why not then also track the movements of convicted murderers. And rapists. And drug dealers and felons in general. And fathers behind in child support. And tax-evaders. And ‘political extremists.’ Members of ‘religious cults.’ Drug addicts. AIDS carriers. Gun owners. With each turn of the political cycle, left and right would add their favorite batch of social enemies to the surveillance list.”

The Bible tells us that in the future a one-world system of government will require every person to receive a “mark” in their right hand or in their foreheads. Without this “mark of the beast,” no one will be permitted to buy or sell. Putting in place such a system would not have been possible without technological breakthroughs in computers and biometrics. Is there any doubt that we are well on our way to a Big Brother-style global dictatorship? Could this biochip itself be the physical mark of the beast?

What Will You Do In The Jungles Of The Jordan?
Some of you are most likely reading this and saying to yourself “Boy, I’m sure glad that I’ll be caught up in the rapture before the moment of decision occurs.” Now, I don’t want to get in the pre-tribulation/post-tribulation debate but I will ask you to consider a question- What if the popular pre-tribulation theology is wrong and you find yourself smack dab in the middle of Revelation’s nightmare, will you still serve God? Let me ask you in this way- If the choice is laid before you to hop on the New World Order bandwagon (receiving the blessings and economic/financial freedoms associated with taking the biochip/mark) or to reject Big Brother’s provisions and live an uncertain life of poverty and persecution, which would you choose? You may say, “Oh that’s easy, I’d choose Jesus and reject the mark of the beast!” Would you? Are you living for Him now? You see, if your not living for Jesus now in a time of peace and prosperity, how do you think your going to make it when they give you the choice to take the mark or get your head chopped off?

“If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses? and if in the land of peace, where in you trust, they have wearied you, then how will you do in the jungles of the Jordan?” (Jeremiah 12:5)
Folks, it may very well come down to a choice of the “mark” or martyrdom! Look-“And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshiped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” Revelation 20:4
I did not bring out this information so that your heart would be filled with fear or anxiety. These emotions are not productive for the Christian. If you find yourself fearful or worried, please, please look to Jesus and not to the circumstances! If you put your eyes on the storm and are not close to the Savior it is easy to be overwhelmed! But I have good news my friend! If you read the last chapter of the book of Revelation, WE WIN!!!
God recently made me steward over another song that I wrote during my outreach to the Olympics this past summer in Atlanta. I want to share it with you as a comfort and a hope to you!

A Waltz Upon The Clouds
There is a day that is soon to dawn on us…
There is a place descending down on us…
Paradise again!
I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord.
Plans of peace not to harm you but to give you…
A future and a hope!
Where the lion lays down with the lamb,
In a city not built with human hands,
And the light of the sky is the great I Am!
So is the New Jerusalem, so is the New Jerusalem!
And We will waltz upon the clouds with the Son of God!
We will laugh and sing with our one Redeemer King!
We will dance upon the serpent’s head…
In the joy of holiness!
And the tears of God and the tears of man,
Will not be found in that land!

Yes, we are seeing so many technological and political advances recently that it is quite possible that we are closer to the end than we think or care to realize! Be prepared and preprayered! Don’t be deceived. Stay close to Jesus! Be a diligent seeker and believer of God’s Word! Be faithful in your walk with God! Live in holiness, humility and the fear of the Lord. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind! Win the lost to Jesus! Stay focused on God’s calling in your life! Do not live to preserve your life but spend yourself and your energies on the precious gospel of our Lord Jesus! In Eternity that all that’s going to matter! Say “no” to biochips but say “yes” to the Master! Say “no” to sin but “yes” to Jesus! Think about it! Ponder these things in your heart!

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