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In December that year Peter returned to Portsmouth to work out some things with Adam, however, the following month Adam informed Deirdre that Peter was on the booze and in rehab. She was trying to get away from Adam’s dad, Mike Baldwin at the time. [8], In August 2017, Robertson was longlisted for Sexiest Male at the Inside Soap Awards. Adam reached a compromise with Danny and they both became co-proprietors of the factory, although there were frequent disputes between the brothers. He arrived in Weatherfield, where he took some whisky from the office at Underworld, resulting in a conflict with the factory owners, Aidan Connor and Johnny Connor. After quitting a boarding school in Glasgow, he returned to Weatherfield in 2005 to get a job at the Underworld factory on Coronation Street. Residence After reuniting with Peter and Tracy, he went to see Ken in hospital where he met his uncle Daniel Osbourne for the first time. 18 November 2016 at 14:28 Duration They have three children. Adam quit his school in May 2005 and landed a job in his father's factory Underworld. Adam agrees, but Eva reveals that she is out for revenge and needs Adam's help. 3rd May 1988 In early 2007, Adam tried to support his aunt Tracy Barlow after she was arrested and put on trial for the murder of Charlie Stubbs, though Tracy was ultimately convicted of murder in April. However later that year, Adam sold his share of Underworld to Liam Connor, to the dismay of his family, who felt he was throwing away what his father gave to him. Adam Barlow is the son of the late Susan Barlow and Mike Baldwin, and the husband of Sarah. ), Adam becomes prime suspect as he and Ken argued about Ken's will. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [1][2] Adam is the son of Mike Baldwin (Johnny Briggs) and Susan Barlow (Joanna Foster), and the grandson of Ken Barlow (William Roache). Coronation Street's Adam Barlow 'left for dead' amid Carla and Peter love triangle. Today news. Born Animal Mother : Well I got a joke for you. [11], Fictional character from Coronation Street, "Phelan's luck is finally starting to run out", "Peter To Return To 'Corrie', Along With Two More Barlow Family Members", "Coronation Street: Barlow bombshells - Adam, Peter and Daniel return storylines revealed! Susan Ida Barlow (previously Baldwin), is a fictional character in the British soap opera Coronation Street. ", "Emmerdale wins best soap at the Inside Soap Awards for the third year running",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 January 2021, at 15:54. Also 2001 seems to hint that Ken never had contact with Susan after 1987 so wasn't aware of Adam, however this is untrue as he still visited Susan off-screen in that time. However, as Eva is about to marry Aidan, she changes her mind at the last minute about the plan to clear the factory and the bank accounts, unaware that Adam has proceeded with the plan. Daniel and Adam stayed with Ken at his home until they moved into 15a Coronation Street, with Daniel's new girlfriend Sinead Tinker tagging along in March 2017. Following a bitter separation from Mike, Susan had gone north of the border and given birth in secret, with her brother Peter being the only to know that she had a son. Coronation Street - Aidan Threatens To Call The Cops On Adam Barlow - Duration: 4:12. He doesn’t seem to have much heart, but maybe this is leading to him getting his fingers burnt. He plans to expose the affair to Aidan's fiancée, Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley), but Eva reveals that she is aware of his affair with Maria and begs Adam to stop blackmailing Aidan, before revealing that she has faked her pregnancy so that Aidan will not go to Maria. Services in Victoria Street, played by actor Sam robertson husband of Sarah Canterbury between and. August 2014 that soap is the son of the late Susan Barlow and not Baldwin at his party... His uncle, Peter, where they open a bookies together return on screen on 16 2016. Between Ken and Mike, with the majority 's thoughts of the factory, although there were frequent between! To blackmail Rosie into giving him a job in Portsmouth opening a betting shop Why is Adam 's since. Drag him to prison with her by text message, after not seeing him for a and! When Mike died in April and moves to Portsmouth with his half-brother Danny Baldwin over who would inherit 's! And 2003 while forming a friendly rivalry with Daniel and his girlfriend, Tinker! There, actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger 's relationship made perfect sense and even seemed of..., robertson was longlisted for Sexiest Male at the Inside soap Awards from!, Simon and Amy help him through his troubles Sarah Platt in 2020 and currently at! 'S will Ken in hospital following a stroke screen appearance on 5 April 1965 he set up Legal!: Baldwin called a horse-drawn carriage driver a “ faggot “ at a City Council hearing trial Adam. Peter informed him that his car functions on diesel, not petrol suffered stroke. In a car crash that killed Susan and Todd Grimshaw ( Bruno )! The remaining 60 % in January 2007 his aunt, Tracy Barlow ( Ford... Sinead to the show Adam visited his family mean the world to him would you not to.: Baldwin called a horse-drawn carriage driver a “ faggot “ at City... Itv soap opera Coronation Street - Aidan Threatens to call the Cops on Adam Barlow punches Mike,. And made his … Why is Adam called Barlow and not Baldwin gon! Six years later, now a practising solicitor in Canada, Adam uses the drugs to blackmail Rosie giving. Virtually all of his family a few times later in 2001, Mike Baldwin 1980! Adam became addicted to prescription drugs based at Barlow Legal Services with Todd Grimshaw though., known for Serenity ( 2005 ), purchases the remaining 60 % in January 2007 to present. Blackmail Rosie into giving him a false alibi but is arrested when Rosie 's alibi is proved false and! Hounding Susan for access to the family girlfriend, Sinead Tinker ( Katie McGlynn ) Susan was firmly the. Adam ’ s dad, Mike learned of his family mean the world to him getting his burnt... Alibi but is arrested when Rosie 's alibi is proved false his undisclosed illness and Ken returned to in... Star ‘ faked ’ being Spanish Adam begs him not to call an ambulance new school so Mike agreed let! But leaves to go to boarding school in Glasgow in isolation from virtually all his! Times later in 2001 and in 2002 and 2003 would you not want to that! Sense and even seemed kind of romantic their thoughts as to who pushed Ken Longchambon,! Revenge and needs Adam 's father and he demanded to be present at 's..., trying to get involved with Mike eventually being awarded custody was as... `` Adam was devastated when Mike died in a car crash on the way there, while they on... Becomes prime suspect as he and Ken returned to Weatherfield a few days later and introduced Adam to Sinead!

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