Step Right Up And Get Your Microchip Implant! It’s Fashionable! It’s Hip! It’s Convenient! It’s NOW!

The microchip is here.

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Microchiping the population is not a secret conspiracy theory, its a real plan! Hear our now Vice President Joe Biden instruct Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts during his confirmation hearing.

Tommy Thompson Former Health & Human Services Will Take The Microchip!

Aaron Russo speaks to Alex Jones after learning from Nick Rockefeller that the private banking industry plans to implant everyone with microchips for the purpose of total population control.

Microchips As An Employee Benefit!

Bill O’reilly discusses microchips in people

IBM, Verichip & The Fourth Reich


Microchipped live on The Today Show! (2002)

Discovery Channel Makes Such A Good Case For The Chip, I Just Want To Get Mine Now!

Verichip: The Growing Media Buzz and Mind Conditioning For All Of Those Who Think Just Inside The Box… That is the Telivision Box!

CHIPS: Policeman is now a link in the network!

For All Who Want To Embrace The Beast: Do It Yourself Microchip Implanting!

In The Future To Buy Or Sell You Will Take The Chip OR National ID Card! Good News Though, Perhaps You Can Hack An Implanted Corpse And Remain In The System As Some (Dead) Guy Still Alive!

RFID 101: Your Passport To The Future!

Look! Mikey! He Likes It! The Microchip!

Just a Little Stick!

A Chip In The Forehead To Control Your Emotions And Behaviours!

Brain Chips: Because Our Neural Network Needs To Be Upgraded And Networked To The Society Grid!

With A Microchip Your Not Just Human… Your Super-Human! Really! Cyborgs And Enhanced Superior Beings! Wow! Don’t Leave Me Out! Where Do I Sign Up At?

Engineering New Human Species With Technology: Implants To Improve On What God Originally Created? Miracle Technology: The Signs & Wonders Of The New Age?